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2014 - 2015 - Important CLC Dates:

Mundelein High School Rep:

Miguel Mireles, Enrollment Services
847-543-2429 (phone)
mmireles@clcillinois.edu (email)


The Application Process:

  • Step 1    Complete Application

  • Step 2    Send Official Transcripts from Mundelein High School

  • Step 3    Send ACT scores

  • Step 4    Arrange for APT Testing if ACT scores are below requirements.  9See ATP below

  • Step 5    Use your CLC id # to register for NSO

  • Step 6    Meet with counselor and select classes

  • Step 7    Pay for classes with CLC cashier    847.543.2085

  • Step 8    Begin classes You should complete the college application on-line https://apps.clcillinois.edu/applic/admappl.asp


College of Lake County Student ID
You must have a student number used to: take placement test, to schedule a NSO and register for classes. You must have already completed an admissions application. 

New Student Orientation (NSO)

Every new student must complete a NSO prior to registering for classes. This is usually completed the same day you register for classes. 847.543.2060.


Testing-Academic Proficiency Test (APT)
Placement testing must be completed if a student did not score a 17 or above on the English/Reading sections of the ACT.  Testing locations:  CLC Grayslake at 847.543.2060 or CLC-Southlake campus (Vernon Hills) 847.543.2186. This test may only be taken twice in a given year!


Office of Student with Disabilities (OSD)
If you are a student who received special education services in high school, please contact OSD.http://www.clcillinois.edu/depts/osd.asp or 847.543.2474 OSD (L112)


Tuition & Fees (check CLC website for most current tuition info)
$93.00 per/credit hour
$16.00 Comprehensive fee/per credit hour


The following is a basic chart used by counselors at CLC to determine course placement if ACT scores are below minimum requirements.

APT Language Score

CLC Language Class

APT Math Score

CLC Math Class


English 121


most math clasess


English 109


Math 101 or 114


English 108

Below 34

see CLC counselor

Below 80

see CLC counselor



To Enroll in Programs Not Offered by CLC
 If you wish to enroll in a program that CLC does not offer, you may be able to pursue the program at another community college at the in-district tuition charged by that institution. Likewise, students in other districts may be able to enroll in programs at CLC, paying in-district tuition, if their local community college does not offer the program. For more information, contact the Assistant Vice President for Educational Affairs in room C206 on CLC's Grayslake campus, or call 847-543-2412.


Scholarships at CLC:


Contact:  Josh Beyda

                   Financial Aid Assistant and Scholarship Coordinator




CLC has many scholarships available for their students.  After you have completed your Admissions Application, submitted your high school transcripts,  attended a New Student Orientation, and enrolled in classes, you can apply for scholarships.


Foundation Scholarships:

The College of Lake County Foundation raises money to fund eight major award programs. The Diversity, Leadership in Student Activities, Leadership in Performing Arts/Literary Arts, Academic Achievement, Career, GED, ESL and Returning to Education are offered each fall and spring term. The CLC Guide to Paying for College provides scholarship eligibility requirements, application, deadline dates and other relevant information for the Foundation's major award programs.

Please note it is the student's responsibility to read and follow the scholarship guidelines, requirements and provisions. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

CLC Guide to Paying for College: Payment Options, Financial Aid and Scholarships



Outside CLC Scholarship Help:

·         Free Scholarship Search Services


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