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Dear Parents/Guardians:

We believe that educational planning and the selection of classes is one of the most important parts of your student’s high school experience, and we hope you will take an active part in the process.

The Course Guide contains information on graduation requirements, Common Core State Standards, NCAA Clearinghouse requirements, and every course offered at Mundelein High School. It lists the following for each course: prerequisites, grade level criteria, number of terms, number of credits, and the course description. In addition, Mundelein High School frames course selection in the context of Programs of Study. Please take time to review and discuss the Programs of Study with your son/daughter, so that our students choose courses that align with their post-secondary plans.

Each student will receive a Course Selection Worksheet; this worksheet lists every course offered next year for each grade level, along with the number of terms the course meets. Next to the department heading is a corresponding page number in the Course Guide. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are required to fill 7 periods for the year (see the 4-year plan).

Beginning in December, counselors will schedule individual appointments with each student. During the appointments, counselors will review graduation requirements, record course selections, and discuss post- high school plans.

Please contact our Guidance Department at 949-2200 if you have any questions. We look forward to working closely with you and your students to plan for an exciting and challenging 2017-2018 school year.


Best Regards,

Anthony Kroll

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Mundelein High School, students must complete 17 core academic requirements listed below and additional elective credits to meet the overall graduation requirement. The SAT test from College Board is administered during the spring of the student’s junior year. The Illinois and United States Constitution Exams are administered in the American Government and Politics course, which is a required course for all students.
  • 4.0 units of approved English
  • 3.0 units of approved Math
  • 3.0 units of approved Science
  • 3.0 units of approved Social Science
  • 4.0 units of approved Health/PE

While transitioning to the new bell schedule in the 2017-2018 school year, the graduation requirements are established for each graduating class below.
Transitioning to the 8-period Schedule FAQs
  • Class of 2018 – 24 credits
  • Class of 2019 – 23 credits
  • Class of 2020 – 22 credits
  • Class of 2021 – 22 credits

2017-2018 Course Guide Available Online

To view the entrire course guide, click the link below.
2017-2018 Course Guide

To view the course guide by department, use the following links:

Applied Arts: BusinessFamily & Consumer Science / Industrial Tech / Television & Media
ELL & English

Fine Arts: Art / Music / Theatre


PLTW - Project Lead the Way
Social Studies
Specialized Courses
Technology Campus
World Languages

2017-2018 Course Selection Sheets

A quick look at some of the courses offered in the new STEM wing:

Business Incubator

Learn to become a true entrepreneur. Students will develop products or services that meet the needs or wants of a targeted market. Real-world entrepreneurs and business experts will serve as coaches and mentors, guiding student teams through the process of ideation, market research, and business plan development.
Introduction to Engineering and Design (IED)
A Project Lead the Way Foundation Course

PLTW Engineering is more than just another high school engineering program. It is about applying science,technology, engineering and math through a project-based,hands-on approach to solve complex,open-ended problems in a real-world context.Students focus on the process of defining and solving a problem, not on getting the “right” answer.They learn how to apply STEM knowledge,skills,and habits of the mind to make the world a better place through innovation.
Nanotechnology and Research

This fascinating Nanotechnology course, the first of its kind in a Lake County, IL high school, provides MHS students with a unique opportunity few others have access to. Students will explore the world around them in an awe-inspiring manner. They will use a variety of electron microscopes, normally only found in the research facilities of universities and insustries, while learning research skills.
STEM Inquiry and Research

STEM Inquiry and Research enables students to learn and apply the protocols of scientific research in the context of laboratory experiences. The inquiry experiences during the first term will include topics from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields of biology and the physical sciences (chemistry, earth science, physics, and physical science).

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