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Department Chair: Alison Finn (847) 949-2200 ext. 1220

Course Guide

2016 - 2017 Course Selections


MHS Supplemental Educational Services 

Wellness Department:



Make-Up Schedule


Students have the opportunity to make-up missed classes during their homeroom AND/OR after school. If they choose to make-up during their homeroom, 2 full homeroom periods will count as 1 PE makeup. If a student chooses to make up afterschool in the weight room, they will participate from 3:30-5:00 pm. Teachers supervising these makeups will assess whether students earned their credit for the makeup. It is expected that students will be on time, in athletic clothing, and work for the time allotted. Each 60 minute accumulated period of exercise will count as one PE make-up.

Locker rooms will be opened for after school make ups.
There is also the option of Yogalates taught by Coach Toland at Elite Dance Studio in Mundelein. Class is Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30 p.m. with a $5 student rate per class.




Course Information & Procedures

Health Syllabus and Course Sequence

Health Education Power Standards
By the end of health education the student will:

  • Comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.
  • Analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess valid information, products and services to enhance health.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use effective communication and decision-making skills to enhance overall health.
  • Compose well organized and coherent writing for specific purposes and audiences
  • Analyze and synthesize the concepts and details encountered in a variety of texts.  
A. This is a required course for graduation. It must be repeated until successfully completed.

B. Grades will be determined on a percentage of points earned, and students will be notified in class of class progress.
  • Students and Parents will also be able to view their class progress on PowerSchool as this grade program will be updated weekly.
  • Tests and assignments are weighted equally. The following grade scale will be used in class.
    • 90-100 = A
    • 80-89 = B
    • 70-79 =
    • 60-69 = D
  • A student should have a minimum of 60% prior to the final exam or it may not be possible to receive a passing grade.

C. All students are expected to bring their Health Textbook and notebook to class daily. There will be required class reading often during the class.

D. You NEED to have a folder kept for all graded assignments and course materials for reference and grade verification. There will be a bin to keep your folder in class to make sure your materials are not lost.

E. All ELECTRONIC devices are prohibited in class!! Disciplinary action will be taken, along with the electronic device.

F. All students are expected to attend class daily and be in the classroom prior to the bell, or tardies will be issued. Work cannot be made up if the student is unexcused or has excessive absences.

G. Students who are absent or missing work need to make an appointment with their teacher before or after school for completion of these assignments.  


Strength & Conditioning Presentations:

NameAscending SortJob TitlePhoneContact
Christensen, Reed Teacher/Assistant Varsity Football Coach 847-949-2200 Ext. 1537
Evans, Brian Teacher, Varsity Girls Basketball 847-949-2200 Ext. 1316
Finn, Alison Department Chair: Wellness 847-949-2200 Ext. 1220
Flanigan, Stacey Teacher 847-949-2200 Ext. 1544
Goodwin, Kelli Teacher 847-949-2200 
Hart, Justin Teacher 847-949-2200 Ext. 1548
Johnson, Sara Instructional Aide 847-949-2200 Ext. 1044
Parola, Todd Teacher 847-949-2200 Ext. 1299
Rife, Eric Teacher 847-949-2200 Ext. 1278
Sethna, Rahul Teacher 847-949-2200 Ext. 1168
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