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NHS Induction Process

1. Each fall a committee shall be appointed by the principal for the purpose of selecting students or NHS. The committee shall be representative of different areas of the school and may include staff from:

Fine and Applied Arts
Social Studies
World Languages
Pupil Personnel Services
Special Education

This committee shall:
(a) determine the selection procedure;
(b) review the Student Activity Sheets, the Rating Sheets and any other pertinent verifiable information about each candidate;
(c) nominate candidates for selection and elect candidates by a majority vote;

2. The registrar will print a class ranking of all juniors and seniors based on four and six semesters (respectively) of academic work. This ranking will also include the simple cumulative GPA of all students. From this list, all students with a simple cumulative GPA of 3.7 or better.

3. The students eligible by GPA will be invited to an informational meeting. At this meeting they will be given a Student Activity Sheet and directions for completing the sheet. Students will also be informed that their non-compliance in completing and returning the form by a designated date will eliminate them front-consideration in NHS. Also at this time, students will be given a copy of the NHS oath. They will be informed that they must read and sign the oath and have their parents also sign. The return of the signed form serves as an indication of their willingness to comply with the guidelines if they are selected for membership. Failure to return the signed form will eliminate students from consideration in NHS.

4. A list of students eligible for NHS will be disseminated to the entire staff. The MHS staff members will be asked to score students on a scale of one to five in three areas: character, leadership and service. A section for comments is also contained on the sheet. The rating sheets will then be returned to the NHS advisor and each student's scores will be averaged in each of the three areas. Candidates may also select two faculty for personal recommendations.

5. A list of eligible candidates will be presented to the council. The council will review each candidate by name, class rank, GPA, rating and Student Activity Sheet and vote on each student's selection to NHS. A majority vote (3 out of 5) of the council is needed for induction to National Honor Society.

6. Candidates will be notified by letter. Those selected will be invited to the NHS Induction ceremony.

Students and their parents contesting nonselection are not entitled to a hearing or to an explanation of the nonselection, as due process does not apply in such cases. However, students not selected and their parents may request an explanation of the selection process and/or may request that a copy of the selection process be mailed to them.


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