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2013 - 2014 Student Leadership 
Online Applications STILL Available

Application for students applying to be an
At-Large Member.
Board Members are students who will lead the Student Leadership program. Candidates for board positions will go through an interview process and well as be voted on by their peers. Board members will be expected to plan and run Student Leadership meeting and committees.

At-Large Members 
are students who wish to participate in Student Leadership, but not as one of the board positions. At-Large Members are expected to attend meetings, participate in class activities, community service, etc. All students that apply to be at-large members will be accepted

Student Leadership Online Suggestion Box

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2013-2014 Student Leadership Board Members

School-Wide Executive Board
Claire Erickson - President
Aimee Benish - Vice President
Christina Loverde - Secretary

Senior Class Board

Caroline Bullington - President
Mariano Garcia Jr. - Vice President
Jasmine Ader - Secretary

Junior Class Board

Daniella Feijoo - President
Darlice Bouzi - Vice President
Eugene Kim - Secretary

Sophomore Class Board

Kylie Hecht - President
Jenni Nguyen - Vice President
Taylor Pullen - Secretary

E-mail Mr. Lerner or Mrs. Henrichs with any questions.


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