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Audition Packet for Fall Play & New Faces
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2017 Student Directed One-Acts
Cast List
The Wedding Story
Director - Henry Dumblauskas
Assistant Director - George Stedman
Storyteller Matthew Callas
Bride Sydney Litka
Groom Elias Photopoulos
Frozen Fish Sticks
Director - Kayla Raye
Assistant Director - Isabella Marotti
Ted Ryan Story 
Judy Amari Liebe
Diane Miriam Mitry
Pat Josie Hutson
After the Ball Drop
Director - Ginny Zundel
Assistant Director - Joey Salit
Melvin Steven Weiss
Jess Kimberly Barr
Jeremy Charles Fladhammer
Director - Mackenzie Haith
Assistant Director - Megan Saunders
James Jay Haller
Joan Ashley Carrier
Jamie Colby Willis
Jane Jenna Bishop

Director - Maddie Martorana
Assistant Director - Jake Cumberland
Pat Ellie Mellen
Wayne Allan Rodriguez
To Date or Not to Date
Director - Joshua Saunders
Assistant Director - Abby Smith
Hamlet Roy Dumblauskas
Joan of Arc Natalie Williams
Director - Robbie Iraburo-Cochran.
Assistant Director - Krista Bumatay
Pen Halli Carpender
Neil Katie Staroszczyk

In the Meantime
Director - Brianna Moderhack
Assistant Director - Nikki Wegner
Stephanie Rachel Larson
Paul Brandon Neyzelman
The West Wing
Director - Dan Haller
Assistant Director - Marta Sikora
Janet Kate Fladhammer
Linda Sierra Bouchard

Fall Play
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New Faces Play
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Winter Play
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Spring Musical p. 1
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Spring Musical p. 2
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 Chicago Shakespeare Slam
(formerly Battle of the Bard)

Kimberly Barr
Anooha Dasari
Dan Haller
Rachel Larson
Sydney Litka
Miriam Mitry
Allan Rodriguez
Ginny Zundel

Bard's Circle
Maddie Martorana
Ellie Mellen
Brianna Moderhack
Colin Nacion
Kayla Raye
Natalie Williams

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