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Girls Volleyball 2010 Awards

NSC All - Academic Team = 3.5 GPA and a Varsity Athlete
Brittany Busscher, Karen Chin, Angie Fersch, Erin Howard, Karolina Sierzputowska, Melanie Swager, and Emily Tylka

Team GPA = 3.523

All Conference Brittany Busscher and Karen Chin

H. M. All Conference Chrissy Scott

All Area Daily Herald Brittany Busscher and Karen Chin

H.M. All Area Daily Herald Chrissy Scott

MVP Brittany Busscher

Most Improved Chrissy Scott

Captain Emily Tylka

Managers Varsity Parker Tortorello and Jaime Jahen

Stats Varsity Darrien Horn

Girls Volleyball 2009 Awards

NSC All-Academic Team=3.5 GPA and a Varsity Athlete

Megan Barron, Claire Cameron, Alysa Fritz, Kailey Hinchman, Brittany Jones, Michelle Parssinen, Kelsey Sullivan, Emily Tylka & Gina Withrow

Team G.P.A. = 3.5885

All Conference

Megan Barron, Alysa Fritz & Kelsey Sullivan

H.M. All Conference

Brittany Jones & Michelle Parssinen

All Area Daily Herald

Megan Barron, Alyssa Fritz & Kelsey Sullivan

H.M. All Area Daily Herald

Brittany Jones, Michelle Parssinen & Gina Withrow


Alysa Fritz

Most Improved

Brittany Busscher


Kelsey Sullivan

Varsity Managers

Mitchell Baumgartner & Brian Chin

Varsity Stats

Andrew Roscoe & Patrick Lentz

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