Pool Construction Updates

Please check back here for updates on the Pool renovation project! 
NEW pictures have been added.  The pool is filled and then the water will be balanced and heated.  Tiling around the deck continues as well as finishing the trench drain, opaque window, and other things to get ready for the opening.  A new amplifier has been installed for the sound system as well as new doors, drinking fountain and a host of other things.  The diving boards and DVR system will be installed sometime starting next week followed by the scoreboard.  You can also get more pictures and quick status updates by finding us on Twitter @MHSBoysAquatics.

NEW pictures have been added.  The tiling and grout around the walls is being completed this week, painting trim and other parts continues, the lane stripes have been laid and need to cure for 21 days before the rest of the pool gets tiled.  Lighting is almost complete.  The next step is to tile the pool deck and install the diving boards.  Things are moving quick! 

NEW pictures have been added.  Sound paneling installation is complete.  The tiling around the perimeter of the walls is nearing completion.  The entire pool upper walls have been painted white.  The 9 new ceiling speakers have been installed. Tiling of the pool is starting.

NEW pictures have been added. Acoustic sound panels are being installed on the ceiling.  The North wall is being tiled.  The top part will be repainted.  After the North wall the East wall and then the West Wall will be tiled.

NEW pictures have been added.  The concrete for the pool and deck are complete.  Over the coming weeks, ceiling work will occur.  This involves painting, followed by the installation of acoustical panels, ductwork, and lighting.  Tile on the walls, deck, and in the pool itself will follow that. 


NEW pictures have been added.

NEW pictures have been added.  Duct continues and the the trench drain around the deck is being put in. The deep end deck is has been formed and the shallow end is getting ready for the concrete pour.

NEW pictures have been added.  The entire pool has been poured and the walls have been formed.  The deck by the deep end has been poured and the deck by the shallow end is being prepared for the concrete pour. Painting on the ceiling is continuing and the duct work for the new climate control system is now resuming in the pool area itself.

NEW pictures have been added.  The concrete pour and the wall forming for the deep end is complete as the shallow end is now being prepared for the concrete pour. The ceiling joists are being prepared to be painted and work continues in the back room to connect all piping and other mechanicals.

NEW pictures have been added!  The concrete pour for the deeper end is done and now the rebar is being put up to form the walls.  After that the same thing will be done with the shallow end.

Ductwork for the new climate control system is being installed, as all of the other work continues.  New pictures have been added!


The excavation for the pool itself has begun.  Underground plumbing piping for the pool will begin soon, followed by the pool slab and foundation walls!  New pictures have been added. The pictures show the the steel sheeting of the walls to help reinforce them as the excavation for the actual pool shape begins.


New pictures added including the mechanical room with the new filter in place!


The masonry work is nearing completion, and pool excavation is continuing.  The construction of the pool walls will take place in the next couple of weeks with the first step being to install sheet piling to support the surrounding building structure. The filter system and pool heater are installed. Piping, electrical and ductwork to the equipment is ongoing. 


Pool excavation has started!  Pictures to follow soon!


Concrete slabs have been installed in the mechanical room to house the new equipment.  Old equipment is being dismantled and removed.  Pool demo continues as the ceiling and deck have been sand blasted.  5 new pictures have been added as well!

4/2/2012- New pictures added as Pool demo continues!

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