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Before you play:  Create a blank BINGO card with the major concepts or vocabulary listed at the bottom (see attachment - thanks Mary for sharing!).  Create questions to ask the students about the concepts/vocabulary.
Game Day:  Pass out the blank BINGO card.  Give students 5 minutes to fill in their BINGO cards.   Play BINGO using whatever rules you choose :)!
Students are given a sheet of tic-tac-toe boards to use. With a partner, students will brainstorm all of the vocabulary words they heard today. They will select one vocabulary word for each game board. After playing the game of tic-tac-toe, the students will create a Frayer Model using the cells of the game board that they selected during the game. Each partner is responsible for the cells they marked.


Here is a fun activity to review vocabulary AND have students practice writing higher level questions:
Type or print the vocabulary words on note cards.
Distribute several note cards to each student.
The student's task is to write 2-3 questions that their words could answer. Teach the students to write higher level thinking questions - they should start with the harder questions first and then move to the easier questions.  They write the questions beneath the word on the same side of the card as the word.
Check the students’ questions for accuracy.
When the cards are completed, divide the class into small groups with each group having a portion of the cards. 
Students switch off asking each other questions.
Groups rotate the cards so they have a chance to answer all the questions.
Questions (Clues)
            What is a formal agreement between two or more nations called?
            What type of formal document between the US and foreign countries must be approved by 2/3 vote in the senate?
Word - molecule
Questions (Clues)
           ___________ is to "compound" as "atom" is to "element"
           What is the smallest unit of a compound that retains all the characterstics of the compound?
           Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom make one ____________ of water.


This game I found from a teacher's blog online....

What you need:

  • A set of questions and answers printed or written out on cards.
  • One card for each student.
  • About five minutes.

You can create the cards, or let students do this, or you can do it yourself using index cards or a table in Word.


  • Teacher announces: Quiz Quiz Trade
  • Students:  Find a partner.
  • Student 1 asks Student 2 the question on the card.
  • Student 2 either answers it or says I don’t know. (It is important to the speed of the game that students admit when they don’t know)
  • Student 1 either congratulates Student 2 or goes over the answer.
  • Student 2 then repeats the procedure with Student 1.
  • Student 1 and Student 2 trade cards and find a new partner.
  • I usually let students play Quiz Quiz Trade for about 5 minutes.


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