Mundelein High School Academics

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Assessments at Mundelein High School

Illinois legislation, PA 99-590, requires each school district in the state to make publicly available information regarding the administration of assessments to students at each school building, view assessment matrix here.

The document includes the following:

  • Administration window for each assessment
  • Entity requiring assessment
  • Grade levels required to take each assessment
  • Subset of students taking assessment, such as English learners or special education students
  • Estimate of average time to complete assessment
  • Purpose of assessment other than guiding instruction, such as promotion, course placement, graduation, teacher evaluation, or school performance ratings

MHS Administered Testing

Registration Test

Upcoming Testing

Test Dates : May 4-15, 2020

PSAT-8/9 (high school Freshman)
Test Day: April 15, 2020 

Test Day: October 16, 2019.

*Registration Closed 
PSAT-10 (high school Sophomores)
Test Day: April 14, 2020 
  SAT (high school Juniors)
Test Day: April 14, 2020 


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  • Students desiring to take the ACT may register on their own to do so.
  • Visit the ACT website to register for the test and to view dates the National ACT test will be administered at Mundelein High School.


For additional information regarding the National ACT exam, contact the ACT/SAT Coordinator: Tracy Carlson at (847) 949-2200 ext. 1291

STAR Assessment 

Star Test


For additional information regarding the STAR eighth grade exam, contact: Stacey Gorman at (847) 949-2200 ext. 1592