AP & Honors English Students
Summer Reading 2017

  • Honors and AP English students are required to read a book specifically for English class.
  • Summer Celebration reading does not take the place of this book; you must read both.
  • Read and annotate (post-its or notepaper is ok for a library book) your AP/Honors book in preparation for a written assessment during the first couple days of class.


English 1 Honors Two books of your choice  
English 2 Honors Anthem AND
One other book of your choice
Ayn Rand
English 3 Honors Choose one of the following:
  • How it Went Down
  • The Book of Unknown Americans
  • The Catcher in the Rye
  • The Glass Castle
  • Laughing at My Nightmare
Focus Question: Books can serve as windows (glimpses into an unfamiliar world or experience) and/or mirrors (a reflection back to something we recognize in our own lives or experiences). How might this story/experience relate or differ from your own story experience? Is it a window? A mirror? Or both?

One other book of your choice
AP English Language Brain Rules AND
Non-fiction book of your choice 
AP Language: assignment details & suggested books
John Medina
English 4 Honors Pygmalion AND
One other book of your choice
George Bernard Shaw
AP Literature Read 1 of 4 books and prepare for in-class writing assignment week 1
Poetry assignments
AP Literature: assignment details & list of books and poems

AND One other book of your choice

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