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Course Guide

We believe that educational planning and the selection of classes is one of the most important parts of your student’s high school experience, and we hope you will take an active part in the process.
The Course Guide contains information on graduation requirements, Common Core State Standards, NCAA Clearinghouse requirements, and every course offered at Mundelein High School.  It lists the following for each course:  prerequisites, grade level criteria, number of terms, number of credits, and the course description. In addition, Mundelein High School frames course selection in the context of Programs of Study. Please take time to review and discuss the Programs of Study with your son/daughter, so that our students choose courses that align with their post-secondary plans.
Each student will receive a Course Selection Worksheet; this worksheet lists every course offered next year for each grade level, along with the number of terms the course meets.  Next to the department heading is a corresponding page number in the Course Guide.  Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors may request upto 7 periods for the year.
Beginning in November, counselors will schedule individual appointments with each student.  During the appointments, counselors will review graduation requirements, record course selections, and discuss post-high school plans.
Please contact our Guidance Department at 949-2200 if you have any questions.  We look forward to working closely with you and your students to plan for an exciting and challenging 2022-2023 school year.
Best Regards,
Alexandria Rios Taylor, Principal

District 120 Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Mundelein High School, students must complete 22 overall academic credits.  Specifics on the number of specific credits is listed on the side.  In addition, there are other graduation requirements set by the Illinois State Board of Education: 

  • The SAT test from College Board is administered during the spring of the student’s junior year. 
  • The Illinois and United States Constitution Exams are administered in the American Government & Politics course.
  • 4.0 units of approved English
  • 3.0 units of approved Math
  • 2.0 units of approved Science
  • 2.5 units of approved Social Science
  • 4.0 units of approved Health/PE
  • 0.5 units of Personal Finance or Economics

MHS Course Selection Guide

MHS Course Selection Guide graduation requirements includes all courses in the context of a Program of Study, the Common Core State Standards and NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.  

Course Guide Features:
  • Prerequisites                                                   
  • Grade level criteria
  • Number of semesters
  • Number of credits
  • Course description
  • 6 units of elective credits


Current MHS students will begin course selection for the next academic year in December.  Eighth grade students will receive a mailing packet in late December/early January explaining the course selection process.  In addition, the Class of 2027 Night event held in January will begin the course selection process for Eighth grade students.


Step 1: Plan out your program


  • Review and discuss the Programs of Study with your student.
  • Review graduation requirements and core course sequence.
  • Utilize the Curriculum Guide below to review course options.
  • Align course selection with post-secondary plans.


Step 2: Looking Ahead


  • Use the 4-year plan document to create your academic plan.
  • Students must take their core class requirements each year.
  • Carefully and thoughtfully select elective choices.
  • Using study hall as an elective should be considered based on academic need, strength of schedule and overall student well-being.
Step 3: Meet with Your Counselor
  • Counselors will schedule individual appointments with each student.
-Grade 11 students begin on November 28
-Grade 10 students begin on January 30
-Grade 9 students begin on February 6
  • Students should be prepared to complete their course selection at their meeting.
What to expect:
  • A review of the graduation requirements
  • Course selections
  • Post high school planning
* Contact our School Counseling Department for questions at (847) 949-2200

Department Guides

Applied Arts: Business Education
Applied Arts: Family & Consumer Science
PLTW - Project Lead the Way
Applied Arts: Industrial Tech
Applied Arts: Television & Media
Social Studies
Specialized Courses
Fine Arts: Art
Technology Campus
Fine Arts: Music
Fine Arts: Theatre
World Languages