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Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Mundelein High School, students must complete 16 core academic requirements listed below and additional elective credits to meet the overall graduation requirement. The SAT test from College Board is administered during the spring of the student’s junior year. The Illinois and United States Constitution Exams are administered in the American Government and Politics course, which is a required course for all students.

  • Participate in 4.0 units of approved English
  • Participate in 3.0 units of approved Math
  • Participate in 2.0 units of approved Science
  • Participate in 2.5 units of approved Social Science
  • Participate in 4.0 units of approved Health/PE
  • Participate in 0.5 units of Personal Finance or Economics

2021-2022 Course Guide

MHS Course Guide graduation requirements includes all courses in the context of a Program of Study, Common Core State Standards, and NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.

Course Guide Features:

  • Prerequisites
  • Grade level criteria
  • Number of semesters
  • Number of credits
  • Course description

Each family will receive a mailing packet in late December explaining the course selection process.


Step 1: Planning out your program
  • Align course with post-secondary plans.
  • Review and discuss the Programs of Study with your son/daughter


Step 2: Looking Ahead
  • Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will fill up to 7 periods for the year. See 4-year plan

Step 3: Make Your Appointment-January
  • Counselors will schedule individual appointments with each student.
  • Students bring course selection worksheet to counselor meeting.
What to expect:
  • A review of the graduation requirements
  • Course selections
  • Post high school planning


* Contact our Guidance Department for questions at (847) 949-2200

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