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Wellness Center

Wellness_PhotoThe MHS Wellness Center provides a space students can visit to engage in various coping strategies and self-regulation strategies. Students are allowed during their lunch periods, free periods, and study hall class. If support from the Wellness Center is needed during other classes, students must have a pass from their student support team. In addition to providing a calm, safe environment for students, the staff in the Wellness Center offer a variety of social emotional support including weekly social emotional workshops, small group social support groups, and identity-based affinity groups. Staff in the Wellness Center also provide support for students transitioning back to school after an extended absence. 

Staff in the Wellness Center facilitate multiple mental health awareness events throughout the year including Red Ribbon Week, Suicide Awareness, and Bully and Violence Prevention. The goal of these events is to increase student awareness and knowledge of resources. 

Staff in the Wellness Center partners with multiple community resources to help meet the needs of our students. Community resources run occasional workshops, get involved with awareness events, and facilitate a variety of mental health groups. 

The Wellness Center space and resources are available to all students. The Wellness Center uses a variety of methods to communicate the Wellness Center resources including email blasts, student surveys, and flyers. 


Mundelein High School Wellness Center Video