Peer Tutors

Meets every two weeks on Mondays  |  After School  | Mundelein Room
Advisors Hope Babowice and Anna Gorokhovsky

Connect. Teach. Learn. Become a Tutor! 

Gain tutoring experience and help fellow students complete assignments.  Every student is welcome. Set your schedule; receive community service hours. Tutors reinforce learning while gaining leadership. Students who’ve completed  AP courses are eligible to tutor those subjects as AP Tutors.

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Interviews & Training


Interviews: August 26th- September 6th

Training: September 3rd-September 6th


Interviews & Training will also be held in January for the second semester.

Connect on Remind:

@mhspeertr to 81010
@apm1920 to 81010

Executive Board Members:

President: Elyna Mellen
Vice President: Ilya Vynnyk
Secretary: Swetha Chandrasekar

Officers: AP Tutors

President: Caitlyn Mathews

Vice President: Christopher Hill



Mentor Management/Secretary:

Mackenzie Stewart



Faculty Contact/Mentor functions:

Morgan Anderson



Student Recruitment: Sucely Marcos