Peer Tutor Meeting

Peer/AP Tutors

Meetings in Literacy Center, 8am: 

First semester:

8/21, 8/22, 8/24*, 8/31
Week of 8/28– Training sessions dates TBD
9/7*, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28
10/5*, 10/12, 10/19#, 10/26
11/9*, 11/16
12/7*, 12/14

Second semester:

1/11*, 1/18%, 1/25
2/8*, 2/22
3/7*, 3/14
4/4*, 4/18

*Denotes all-member meeting in Lit Center

#Denotes Parent Conferences

%Denotes Class of 2028 Night

Awards Events:

Cake Day (TBD)

Pi Day (TBD)

Connect. Teach. Learn. Become a Tutor! 

Peer_Tutor_ImagesWant to join Peer/AP Tutors? Visit the Literacy Center and find out more. Peer/AP Tutors help students with their assignments in the Literacy Center, Math Lab and in the classroom. They lead study groups for AP courses and guide students who’d like to create their own study groups. Required training is offered early in each semester to learn tutor skills and establish a schedule.Learn more about making connections and helping other students; become a Peer/AP Tutor.

Succeed with AP by joining a study group. AP Tutors lead study groups to help students in AP courses. Learn why students enrolled in AP courses and class expectations. Use this link for more information: AP Videos

Take AP. Get ahead with AP study groups.

  • Learn more about AP Coursework. Join a study group. Hear what students have to say about AP courses.


Movie_Player_Icon Learn more about AP from students who've taken the courses.
Want to join a study group?
Contact the Literacy Center for more information.

Connect on Remind:

@ PeerAPMHS to 81010


Peer Tutor Exec Board

President- Mariana Van Eycke

Vice President- Holly Scaramella

Secretary - Diya Patel


AP Tutors Exec Board

President- Kate Hill

Vice President- Mila Patel

Secretary- Nataly Cisneros


Directors of Community Service: Riley Demko, Vincent Scaramella

Directors of Faculty Outreach/Support: Devin Boongaling, Rey Palacios


Board Members: Animesh Bijawat, Jacob Irabagon, Martin Palacios, Shrushti Shah, Samantha Torres