Mundelein High School

Boys Soccer


The Mundelein Soccer Program has five teams (Varsity, JV, Sophomore, Freshman A & Freshman B). There are NO CUTS during freshman year - with two teams we are able to keep all freshman with a full schedule of games and training sessions geared toward player development.  Beginning sophomore year, tryouts become more competitive and cuts occur. We typically have over 80 athletes tryout every year and we select 18-20 players per team.

It is expected that if athletes are serious about being selected for a team that players attend all sessions and are committed to training and playing six days a week during the season. Since the season begins on August 8th this year, our goal is to have teams selected by August 10th and the first team training sessions will begin August 11th. If anyone has a situation that may keep them from attending tryouts, please contact Coach Billittier BEFORE tryouts to discuss a plan of action (

Practices and games will be held daily, Monday though Saturday throughout the season.
Please make plans for your son to be at all sessions throughout the entire season.

Please call the athletic department to double check that you are registered for the first day of practice.

We are excited for the new season to begin. We hope this information prepares everyone to have a successful and prompt tryout so that we can have a successful start the season. Schedules for the rest of the week will be given to all players at the first practice/tryout on August 8th.

2019-2020 Teams



JV Boys Soccer


Sophomore Boys Soccer


Freshmen Boys Soccer


2019-2020 Coaches

Ernie Billittier Head Varsity Boys Soccer
Head Coach Billittier


Jed Doyle Head JV Boys Soccer
Head Coach JV Jed Doyle  


Brandon Schwarz Head JV II Boys Soccer
Head Coach  JV II Brandon Schwarz  


Heather Crawford Head Sophomore Boys Soccer
Sophomore Head Coach Heather Crawford 


Paul Franzen Head Freshmen  A Boys Soccer
Head Freshmen Coach Paul Franzen 


Flavio Santos Head Freshmen B Boys Soccer
Head Freshmen Coach Flavio Santos