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Permission Forms

You will need a Field Trip Permission Form and a Mundelein Theatre Permission Form. Both of these forms can be picked up from Mr. Meier in A106. Signed forms are due on Wednesday, January 8. If you have not turned in these forms, you cannot get on the bus. Remember, the teachers who need to sign are your 2nd semester teachers.


Hotel Accommodations

We are staying at the Courtyard Marriott, 310A Greenbriar Dr, Normal, IL. There will be four to a room. Mr. Meier assigns the rooms..  



Chaperones for the trip are Mr. & Mrs. Meier, Mr. Harding and Mr.Landuyt. Ms. Gunther and Mr. Basso will be on the trip as staff for our show, but are not official chaperones.



We will leave MHS immediately after school on Thursday, January 9.  We will return to school late on Saturday, January 11, probably around 10:00 PM. You can leave your car in the parking lot while you are gone.  We will put all cars together in the north lot.


We will be traveling to ISU in a bus provided by Lakeside Transportation Services. While in Bloomington/Normal we will be transported by the same bus.  



Please limit your luggage to one small suitcase and one backpack (or other small carry-on type thing). We will stack the suitcases in the luggage compartment under the bus, and you will keep your small bag with you. Pack light, we are only there for a short time. Layers are the key because you will be walking all over the ISU campus in the middle of winter. Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in (many of the workshops are interactive). Be sure to bring your Mundelein Theatre Gear.


When you arrive at school on the morning of our departure, you will leave both your suitcase and your carry-on in the theatre. All student luggage must be tagged with the name of the student. 



We will be providing a meal Thursday on the bus on the way down to ISU. We will order from Subway. Breakfast is included with the hotel. Because we are performing at the Fest this year, each student will be given meal money to help cover the cost of their other meals. Each student will receive $40. 



Curfew during the festival is midnight. This is consistent with the other schools attending and is the guideline set forth by the Illinois Theatre Association. Curfew means that you are in your own room. We will be conducting a bed check each evening.


All MHS school rules apply while you are on the trip. This includes the dress code. Infractions will result in a call to your parents and an unceremonious bus trip home (at your expense).  Attending the festival is a privilege. My expectation is that you will comport yourselves in a manner in which you will do yourselves, your parents and your school proud. The chaperones will set up check-in times during the day to make sure that everything is OK and you are safe and sound.


Planning & Itinerary

Be organized. The schedule for workshops and plays will be posted on the Fesr website, and on the Fest App in December. Use your Festival Plan Sheet to do some advance planning. Pick out the shows and workshops you most want to attend. You also need to be flexible because you may not be able to get a ticket to the show you want or the workshop you want to attend may be filled up once you get there. Always have a second choice for everything.


When we arrive at ISU we will go straight to the campus for our opening ceremony. When that is finished, we will proceed to the hotel and check in. We will then have our evening meeting to distribute show tickets and other festival details.


On Friday morning we will have breakfast, then depart for ISU, usually by 7:30 am. Students will have the entire day to attend shows, workshops and visit vendors and colleges. Students will check in with their chaperones via text at designated times throughout the day. We are performing on Friday night of the festival. We will talk in more detail about how that will affect everyone’s fest schedule.


On Saturday morning we depart the hotel at about 8 am. We then proceed back to ISU for more shows and workshops. We will meet at 2 pm to attend the All-State show (Aida).  At the completion of the show we board the bus for home. We will stop for dinner en route, usually at a fine dining establishment in Central Illinois (Steak & Shake). Arrival time at MHS is usually around 10 pm.


Have Fun!

Attend as many workshops and productions as you can.  There are over 4,500 high school theatre geeks (just like you) at this event.  Make new friends, learn new things, show everyone in Illinois that MUNDELEIN THEATRE ROCKS!

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