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Mundelein Invitational

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The 54th Annual Mundelein Invitational will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2019


The Mundelein Invitational Jazz Festival: Equally Competitive & Clinical!

In many cases, jazz festivals are known as either “good competitive festivals” or “good clinic festivals,” based on the adjudication systems used in each. The Mundelein Invitational Jazz Festival will offer both COMPETITIVE and CLINICAL aspects in equal measure and equal quality in order to better benefit your ensemble’s needs. 

At our festival, all ensembles performing on stage will be evaluated and ranked by THREE COMPETITION ADJUDICATORS who will spend the entire day providing scores and comments in response to ensemble performances. After your students perform, they’ll go to another room where a separate CLINICIAN who heard your group’s performance will provide them with a substantial clinic (45 minutes for high school, 30 minutes for middle school) on the material performed. All ensembles performing in the band room will be evaluated and ranked by THREE AJUDICATORS & CLINICIANS who will listen to the band and provide feedback to musicians.

2019 Clinicians



Alex Beltran

Mark Colby

Mark Colby


Bob Lark

Mike Lehman

Mike Lehman


Chris Madsen

Michael Stryker

Michael Stryker

2019 Featured Artist: Twin Talk

(Dustin Laurenzi/Katie Ernst/Andrew Green)


Congratulations Fond du Lac High School Jazz I for being named 2018 High School Honor Band

Outstanding Soloist awards:

  • Andrew Conn, Jones College Prep
  • Katia Hamilton, Prospect High School
  • Alvin Santner, Carmel Catholic High School
  • Abby Atkinson, Carl Sandburg Middle School
  • James Coyne, Fremont Middle School