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brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines & Usage

Using the Mundelein High School logo(s) and identity colors in a consistent manner is vital to communicating the high school's brand. As such, please adhere to ALL standards in the Mundelein High School Brand Guide.


Identity Colors

Brand Guide: page 9


mustang red color sample

Mustang Red

PROCESS: C13, M100, Y100, K4
DIGITAL: R204, G32, B39
WEB: #CC2027


mustang charcoal color sample

Mustang Charcoal

PROCESS: C0, M0, Y0, K90
DIGITAL: R65, G64, B66
WEB: #414042


mustang lite gray color sample

Mustang Lite Gray

PROCESS: C5, M7, Y0, K7
DIGITAL: R184, G194, B192


mustang dark gray color sample

Mustang Dark Gray

PROCESS: C47, M39, Y36, K0
DIGITAL: R146, G146, B150
WEB: #929296


mustang white color sample

Mustang White

PROCESS: C0, M0, Y0, K0
DIGITAL: R255, G255, B255




Brand Guide: page 30

  • Montserrat and Droid are approved fonts for all publications and documents
  • Other fonts may be used within documents but not to alter logos or branded marks


Use of Logos

Brand Guide: Official Seal pages 2-7; Athletic/Activity Logos pages 25-29 

Logos and brand marks are available in one, two, three and four-color formats to accommodate a wide variety of uses and printing/price considerations.

Please adhere to the following:

  • Use each logo in its entirety
  • Reproduce logos only from an original digital file (.ai, eps, jpg, png)
  • Do not photocopy, scan, recreate or alter the logo in any way
  • Logos must adhere to color, minimum size, clearspace and correct usage guidelines as outlined in the Mundelein High School Brand Guide

official seal logos

Download official seal 
Please Note: The seal is only for use by District Administration and requires a login for download.