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Physical Wellness

Throughout the course of Health, there will be sensitive topics within the five units that may cause different emotional reactions from individual students. We will teach your student, as well as support your student on these topics that are mandated by the State of Illinois and School District 120 board policy.  We encourage you to have conversations with your student in regards to the topics listed below. If you feel there is a specific topic that will cause an emotional reaction, please communicate those concerns with the classroom teacher so we may support your student.  We will do our best to deliver the curriculum while being sensitive to your student’s emotional needs.

  • Mental Emotional - self-esteem, bullying, depression, suicide prevention 
  • Fitness - body composition, heart rate, five components of fitness
  • Nutrition - vitamins, nutrients, food labels, food journals, eating disorders
  • Substance Abuse - illegal and legal drugs, vaping, tobacco, alcohol
  • Life Cycles - male and female reproductive systems, STI’s, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and grooming behaviors
  • Gender Identity

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* Hart, Justin Department Chair: Wellness 847-949-2200 x1220
Christensen, Reed Teacher 847-949-2200 x1537
DeFrancesco, Vince Teacher 847-949-2200 x1598
Erickson, Bridget Teacher 847-949-2200 x1218
Goodwin, Kelli Teacher 847-949-2200 x1271
Knauz, Sara LCPC 847-949-2200 
McArthur, Alix Teacher 847-949-2200 
Parola, Todd Teacher 847-949-2200 x1299
Rolfe, Alina Teacher 847-949-2200 x1356
Stocker, Craig Teacher 847-949-2200 x1167
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