Show Choir 2021


MHS Show Choir

Mundelein High School enjoys a vibrant and award-winning show choir program. Each year hundreds of students audition to become a part of  the Mundelein High School choir. Made up of three distinct groups: Sound, Lights, Sound FX and Noise, you're sure to find your place.

Mundelein Sound Show Choir

Mundelein Sound

  • Director: Cory Thompson
  • Instrumental Director: Andy Sturgeon
  • Choreographer: Ben Schrank
  • Arranger: Brock Keiper and Michael Reese

Mundelein Sound is the premier co-ed show choir at Mundelein High School! Although this group meets exclusively outside of the school day, all of these students are in a concert ensemble that meets during the day. Sound represents Mundelein with pride at every competition they attend!


Mundelein Reverb

  • Director: Cory Thompson
  • Instrumental Director: Andy Sturgeon
  • Arrangers: Brock Keiper and Michael Reese
  • Choreographer: Ben Schrank

Mundelein Reverb is the newly formed co-ed show choir at Mundelein High School!  The 2022-2023 school year will be their first year in existence, and this amazing group of students is excited to represent the Mundelein community at our concerts and competitions this year.  Students in Reverb are in either a concert band or concert choir, as well as various extracurricular clubs, activities, and athletics at MHS.  We are excited for the premiere year of this talented group of performers!


Noise (Combo)

  • Director: Andy Sturgeon

The students in Noise are a vital and integral part of the success of the show choir program.  These talented students regularly garner awards each year at our competitions, and are known as a phenomenal show choir combo throughout the region.  The students in Noise are all in a curricular band at MHS, and rehearse strictly outside of the school day.  We are truly thankful for the passion and dedication of these outstanding musicians!


Applause is a group of parents that meet frequently to support the show choirs of Mundelein High School. Among the projects Applause is responsible for is coordinating all fund raising, costuming, travel arrangements, set construction, and assisting the Mundelein Sound, Lights, SoundFX, Crew and Noise, videography of concerts, and virtually anything the many, many students need during our journey to musical excellence. Every parent is part of Applause, but you're encouraged to get involved in the areas that are your strength. Please don't hesitate to come to our meetings. If you are a Facebook user, please join the MHS Applause Facebook group.

Show Choir Sponsorships

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to become a Show Choir Sponsor. Your generous in-kind donations would be highlighted by having your business name and logo placed on our programs and other publications. The purpose of the sponsorship is to provide transportation to and assist with costs associated with competition, especially for those students who cannot afford the expenses involved. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the travel of one of our students, please contact Cory Thompson at

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