Front Entrance of MHS

8th and 9th Grade Articulation

8th to 9th Grade Articulation Process:


  • Special education team members (case managers, administrators) from 8th grade schools are invited to articulation  at MHS.

    • Presenters include Special Ed. Administrators, case managers and representatives from related service, Supported Learning Program and Strive.  

    • Program continuum, student self-advocacy, and future IEP meeting process discussed.  New 8th grade staff also can tour MHS at this time.

October- November

  • Case manager rep  meets with each feeder school to meet with 8th grade case managers regarding overall 8th grade student caseload to gain understanding of the 8th grade programming for each individual student.

October- April

LEA from high school attends student IEP articulation meeting.  (The articulation can be part of the AR or evaluation meeting or a separate meeting altogether.)  

Course selection and placement is completed for 9th grade

Kim Goldberg - District 79 - Fremont  and District 75 - Carl Sandburg

Kandace Tyrrell - District 73 - Hawthorn and District 76 - West Oak

Late April/Early May

8th grade tours

Students in 8th grade with IEPs take a field trip over to the high school.  At MHS they are met by high school students with IEPs who take them on a tour and answer general high school questions as well as questions about what it is like to be in high school with an IEP.  (Supports, independence, self-advocacy, etc.)



8th grade parents and students invited to incoming 9th grade night.  Additionally, when requested, students and parents can come tour our specialized programs and/or have individual meetings with our team members.