Front Entrance of MHS

Assessment Center

Multiple Assessment options available for the Mundelein High School student

The Assessment Center is located in B-147

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


What is the Assessment Center?

assessment-center-studentsThe assessment center gives MHS students multiple assessment options. Students have the opportunity to assess, re-assess for missed assessments or low assessment grades. The Assessment Center also provides MHS student with a central location that offers a standardized testing environment.

How do students make arrangements to make up tests?

Once a teacher submits an assessment directly to the Assessment Center or to the Assessment Center mailbox, assessments are logged and filed. The Assessment Center will then notify each student via email that needs to complete an assessment. Students are held responsible for checking their email and bringing their student ID to the Assessment Center prior to taking their assessment. Once a student has completed their assessment, the assessment is then returned to the teacher's mailbox for submission & grading purposes.

Additional Services Provided

  • If an assessment student needs test-taking materials prior to an assessment, in exchange for the ID a student can rent test-taking materials from the Assessment Center. (Ex. Calculator, Compass, Ruler, Protactor, Erasers, Pens & Pencils, & Scratch Paper)
  • Communicates with teachers and students regarding assessments that need to be taken as apart of class curriculum.
  • Consistently remind students of unfinished assessments in the Assessment Center