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Best Buddies

Best Buddies
Monthly meetings
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Advisors Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Penuel

2017 - 2018 Officers

President Alex Martinez
Vice President Nickie Figueroa
Secretary Millicent Rehm
Treasurer Jonathan "JP" Paez

Upcoming Events

Date Event
March 12, 2018 Chapter Meeting
March 17, 2018 Best Buddies Prom
April 5, 2018 Best Buddies Banquest


What is the goal of Best Buddies?

To put Best Buddies out of business! Crazy right? We want to live in a world where people with special needs are so successfully integrated into our schools, workplaces, and communities that programs such as ours will be useless. Visit for more information.

How does the MHS chapter of Best Buddies support this mission?

The MHS chapter's goal is to bridge the social gap that can occur between people with and without special needs in high school.

Why should I join?

This is a chance to build friendships that lost a lifetime, to participate in the global volunteer movement to promote equal opportunities for people with special needs, and to have a good time with some super cool people.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the Best Buddies high school member application online at

What is the difference between a Peer Buddy and an Associate Buddy?

Peer buddies establish a one-on-one friendship with their buddy. In addition to attending the monthly chapter meetings and activities, peer buddies must have weekly contact with their buddy as well as a monthly activity. Associate members are only required to attend the chapter meetings and activities. 

What are the requirements to be a Best Buddies member?

All members are required to attend the monthly chapter activities and meetings. Buddy pairs meet monthly, as well.