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Black Student Union

Black Student Union

Black Student Union

Friday/ 3:30 – 4:15 PM/  Zoom

Email Ms. Herry ( if you want to be invited to the Zoom call

Advisors Jeanne Herry and Dave Mork

2020-2021 Executive Board:

Seniors: Brianna Martin, Trey Baker, Hannah Cho, Nadia Smith

Junior: Jordyn Miller

Sophomore: Faith Cho


Black Student Union hears from representatives at Northern Illinois University during a recent visit

About the Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) at Mundelein High School is to create more diverse activities for the student body, raise cultural awareness at the school, and promote a more positive image of black students. In addition, the BSU strives to build on our rich history and promote individuals as leaders in the MHS community by having the membership reach for and achieve academic excellence. We recognize the need for positive role models in an age when it is most needed.The Black Student Union will do everything possible to provide this for the students at Mundelein High School.



  • Weekly meetings to build relationships and to discuss current events
  • Planning and taking part in social action events
  • Celebrating Black History Month (February)
  • College and university visits
Black Student Union was visited by Ms. Nell Rice (owner of Debbie's Floral), and Mr. Michael Darling (local Farmers insurance agent). The students learned about job opportunities at both of these businesses, which may be available immediately, and possibly through the summer

BSU at Stronger Together event.  (left to right) Trey Baker, Jordyn Miller, Brianna Martin, Damia Ali, Trinity Gordon, (Front) Ms. Jeanne Herry.


BSU Students presenting to the community at Kracklauer park this summer.