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Broadcast Team

Broadcasting Team
Time commitment varies (see below) | A-213
Come learn how you can be a part of this year’s Broadcasting Team
First (and only) informational meeting will be Tuesday August 31st at 7:15 am in room A213 (back of the media center)
Breakfast will be served !!!
No experience is necessary, bring a friend, if you can’t make it that is ok, email Mr. Meister at and let him know you are interested.
First Production Friday September 3, MHS Friday Night Football.

B team by Truck Event
Addy Irwin Film CLub
B Team Jessica Open Mic Night
B Team Freshman Filming at open

Advisor Mr. Meister


If you like making videos for fun, or even want to learn about how to make videos, join the broadcasting team! This is a great way to do what you love and to make friends with the same interest.

  • No experience is necessary.
  • Commit to what you can.
  • See Mr. Meister if you have any questions.
students inside tv van
Students Directing a football game out of the tv truck

Are you interested in TV production or making videos ? 

Everyone has watched TV, but have you ever helped create a real TV Show?  For this club all you need is an interest -  no experience is necessary.  You will learn everything you need to know in the school's TV Studio and Portable TV Truck.


Are you curious about the types of productions we work on?

Live productions
Be a part of the team that creates productions of events at Mundelein High School - whether it is a concert in the theatre, a basketball game in the gym, or a football game on a Friday night.  Just like Monday Night Football needs camera men on the field, a director in the control room / TV truck, and play by play anchors in the broadcasting booth we need your help.  Pick an area that interests you - no experience is necessary,

Video productions
Perhaps shooting and editing video is something of more interest to you.  Learn to use the same software that professionals in the industry are using to create videos that are aired on the high school's daily morning announcement show, special assemblies, or on the web.

View our Friday Focus videos and other video productions.


Are you interested in joing Broadcasting Team? Here's what you do next:

  • Contact Mr. Meister at 847-949-2200 x1221
  • Or you can stop by and talk to him in person. The TV Studio is located upstairs in the back part of the library Room A213.