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French Club

French Club
‚ÄčThere are 2 meetings monthly before school in D-11.

By_LawsLe Cercle Français By-Laws


Executive Board

President Stephanie Bolanas
Vice President Greta Mounce
Committee Chair Hannah Willems

Le Cercle Français is a group of students who meet together on a cultural and social basis in order to provide an enriching extra-curricular student activity. Le Cercle Français promotes awareness of Francophone culture, and encourages ALL students to partake in many activities intended to widen the horizons of MHS students.
Meetings & Membership
UPDATES by Remind and the CANVAS FRENCH CLUB course
There are 2 meetings monthly.
  1. Leadership team to plan events and activities before school on 8am Fridays (flexible dates) in C210
  2. All members, curious students and invited guests: meet once a month on predetermined afternoons for a wide array of activities in D106 including:
  • September: Ice cream social, logo contest for new apparel and club official picture
  • October 2022 : Field trip French artist exposition (Milwaukee Art Museum) and contest participation
  • November: National French Week. This week-long celebration of all things French from November 3-9, 2022. Also, fundraising
  • December: Movie screenings, food tasting
During winter semester: cooking, cultural fair, visiting other schools, Mardi Gras, picnic and more