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Advisor Mike Dayton

2017 - 2018 Leadership Council

Vice President  

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Operation Click is focused on saving teen lives by empowering students to embrace safe driving habits - working hand-in-hand with our community to make it happen.

Since 1998 Operation Click has been instrumental in formulating the driving behavior of teens. Partnering with community leaders, police departments, families and students, our organization is striving to compel teens to truly understand the perils of impaired and distracted driving. Operation Click is having a direct impact on our community, with over 10 years of positive results, and countless saved lives, teens in our community are safer drivers today than they've ever been... but there's still more to do.

While Operation Click, by virtue of our name, is devoted to seatbelt use and safety, our initiative is wide and encompassing. We want our teens to learn today, right now, that not only are seat belts critical to safety, but distracted driving is a recipe for disaster. We work to save lives by using positive reinforcement. With a signed contract, and adherence to the rules – students have a chance to win a brand new car, graciously donated by our community dealerships and sponsors.