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Students Against Destructive Decisions
Tuesdays - twice a month in room A114
Advisors Ryan Buck 

Executive Board

Ian Lau
Emily Bauman
Esmerelda Matias
Kira Buckner

SADD's Mission

Our mission is to work with students to help them make the type of positive decisions that lead to a productive and healthy life.

We are an organization of students who make positive decisions and seek to encourage others to do the same. If you make positive decisions and desire to make positive changes, or if you are making destructive decisions and seek to stop, please be a part of our cause.


sadd prom vehicle display
sadd prom vehicle display
Each year SADD displays a wrecked vehicle to tangibly show students the potential consequences to poor decisions behind the wheel of a car.

SADD Hearts
SADD Hearts
SADD Hearts

SADD Hearts