Mundelein High School Activities


Voices Literary Magazine

Advisors Laura Garcia & Meredith Teuber

What is Voices?

Voices is the Mundelein High School Literary Magazine that features student work. All submissions are anonymously assessed on a rating system and the works receiving the highest recommendations will then be published in the magazine towards the end of the year. You can submit poems, short stories, lyrics/songs, academic papers, art, and photography.

Questions: Contact Laura Garcia Ext. 1094 or Meredith Teuber Ext. 1531 


Submitting to Voices

Remember, the work you submit must be original work and is in no way a form of plagiarism.

There are three ways you can submit to Voices:

  1. Use the tan folders hung in all English and Art classrooms
  2. Send them via email to
  3. Share them via Google docs with mhsvoices

Submission Guidelines

  • All written work must be typed
  • Do not include your name on submitted works, only on submission sheet
  • Staple a submission sheet, along with one black sheet of computer paper to the front of your work

Additional Guidelines for Email Submissions:

  • Make your poem or artwork an attachment
  • Label your poem or artwork with a title
  • Include the following in the actual Email:
  • Your name
  • Pseudonym or pen name
  • Type of submission (poem, short story, lyrics/song, art, photography)
  • Title of work


NOTE: No work submitted with be returned.