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Boards of Education to hold joint forum for stakeholders

Poster displaying the acronyms and information

As part of the shared services model for Mundelein School Districts 120 and 75, the Board of Education members of both districts are inviting all stakeholders to attend informative, interactive meetings Tuesday, Feb. 18 at the D120 district office at 1500 W Hawley ST in Mundelein. The meetings will take place for school district staff members from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. and for community members from 6 to 8 p.m.

The meetings will focus on a theme of “Portrait of a Learner,” which addresses the concerns of what learners (students) should have at the various stages of development over their 12 years in Mundelein schools. The board members are using the acronym ASPIRE to signify their vision of A=Agile, S=Self-Assured, P=Proactive, I=Information-Seeking, R=Resilient and E=Empathetic. The vision involves both academic and developmental traits.

A number of community leaders have been invited to take part in the meetings including the mayor, village officials, members of the park district, police and fire departments, local business leaders, and area pastors.

“We invite all of our stakeholders to hear from the board and to share ideas with both D75 and 120 boards of education to exchange ideas about the future of education in the two districts,” said Kevin Myers, shared superintendent for D75 and D120.   

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