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Star Testing - September 29 - Special Schedule

Friday, September 29, 2023
08:40 AM - 03:20 PM

All MHS students will take the reading and math STAR assessments this fall. The STAR assessment is a short test that provides teachers with personalized learning data for each student. The STAR assessments are designed to provide valuable insights into your student's proficiency in these subjects, assisting us in determining the support and enrichment required for their academic success. We will administer the STAR math assessment on Friday, September 22nd, and the STAR reading assessment on Friday, September 29th. We will follow a special schedule on these two Fridays, which includes a 40-minute testing window between first and second periods. 


Students must bring a fully charged Chromebook for the September 22nd and 29th STAR tests. Before each test, students must completely shut down their Chromebook and boot it up again. Students will not have any academic preparation to complete. These assessments are designed to measure their current skill levels, and there are no specific materials or study guides required. Students will take the STAR reading and math assessments in September and then again in April. This allows us to track their growth and progress in these subjects throughout the school year.

Computer Adaptive Testing:

The STAR assessments are computer-adaptive, meaning the difficulty level of the questions adjusts based on your student's responses. This individualized approach ensures a more accurate and personalized assessment experience and results.

STAR Math and Reading

The STAR Math assessment assesses math achievement in five key domains: numbers and operations, algebra, geometry and measurement, data analysis, statistics, and probability. The STAR Reading assessment evaluates your student's reading comprehension and skills across various domains, including word knowledge, comprehension strategies, analysis of literary text, analysis of argument, and evaluation of text. 


Score Reporting

After the assessments are completed, scores will be emailed to both students and families. It is important to note that these scores are just one data point among many that we use to ensure students have the support and resources they need to succeed at MHS.

Your support in helping us gather valuable data to enhance your student's educational journey is greatly appreciated. Please emphasize the importance of your student's serious effort on these tests, as accurate scores are crucial for us to determine the necessary steps for achieving academic success. 

Students who miss the STAR assessment will be required to make it up on an assigned date and time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the STAR assessments, please contact Dr. Taylor, Building Principal (, or Mr. Lerner, Math Department Chair (, at any time.