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The Foundation awards Innovation Grants to Mundelein High School educators each year.

All grants require instructor application and review by the Foundation Board’s evaluation process. The annual application process occurs every spring.


2019-2020 Innovation Grants - Submissions will be accepted April 2019

Grant Program Description (PDF)

Grant Application: Please use the following directions to apply for a grant electronically.

  1. Open program application form
  2. Save it
  3. Open the saved version of the form in Adobe Acrobat
  4. Complete the form
  5. Click submit by email. This will only work using Outlook 2010 or above.

Rebecca Plaza – English/ Media Center - Young Adult Books in Little Free Libraries


Alyssa H. Wiltjer - Science (Earth Sciences & Zoology) - Coral Reef in Classroom

Julie Hupp - Special Education - Prevocational Job Task System

Mike Dayton & Ryan Buck - English - Young Adult Independent Reading Library



Alyssa H Wiltjer – Science (Earth Science and Zoology) - Coral reef in classroom

Sara Ann Ellis, Douglas French - Wellness - Enhancing aquatic fitness


Stevee Bellas – Performing Arts - SLP Choir Instrument fund

Georgi Mendez - English - Literacy to enhance Early Career/Vocational class

Brian Goodell, Laura McLaughlin & Morgan Spitz – Special Education - Development of a student-run garden to support curriculum

Julie Hupp & Maureen Baker – Special Services - Sensory room enhancements in SLP classroom

Rebecca Plaza – Media Center - Chill supplies for MHS media center

Mark Michalski & Mike Hickey – Science - New Pumpkin Trebuchet


Hope Babowice - Literacy Center - MHS’s Peer Advisory Council’s data collection project

Leah Kaplan & Georgi Mendez - Special Education - Development of a literacy program for teens struggling with reading and writing

Mike Dayton & Ryan Buck - English Department - Purchase books written with themes focusing on self-discovery, survival, and relationships with peers and adults

Brian Packowitz & Blair Winter - World Language - Further build MHS’s Spanish-language independent reading library


Video equipment for Filming - Mathematics Dept.

Leadership Training at ropes course – Wellness Dept.

Resources for new Probability and Statistics Course – Mathematics Dept.

Independent Reading Library Expansion – Special Education


Sensory Corner – Special Education

Global Climate Change Project – Science

Co-Teaching Tool Bucket - Special Education

Spanish Language Independent Reading Library – Spanish for Heritage Learners


Choose to Read - Media Center

Table Easels -Fine/Applied Arts

EKG Anatomy - Science

Video Cameras - Fine/Applied Arts

Essential Libraries - Social Science


MHS Drink Oasis - Special Education

Mathematics Enrichment - Special Education

Algebra 1 with

Tools for Differentiation in Mathematics

Renewable Energy