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MHS promotes Libert to new Assistant Principal role

Portrait photo of Stevee Libert

MHS staff member Stevee Libert has been named to the new role of Assistant Principal of Student Life.

Stevee, who most recently served as the Fine Arts Department Chair, has proven her administrative skills through serving as both summer school assistant principal and principal along with her focus on student success through credit recovery.

This is the third leadership addition of the summer at MHS, coming on the heels of the hiring of new Principal Alexandria Rios Taylor and Associate Principal of Operations Michael Souza. Not to mention former MHS Principal Anthony Kroll who is settling into a new position himself: Assistant Superintendent of Special Programs.

Stevee’s role will be dedicated to the academic, social and developmental growth of our students. She will be responsible for clubs and activities, student services, the Wellness Center, problem-solving teams and summer school.

Principal Taylor said MHS is forming a building leadership team that is both dynamic and highly supportive of our students, staff and families.


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