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FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid)

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Why everyone should complete FAFSA

  • You may qualify for financial aid.
  • Even if you think you won't qualify for financial aid, you may qualify for other options like loans or on-campus jobs
  • Some colleges require FAFSA to be completed to receive merit aid

Why you should complete FAFSA in October (or as early as possible)

  • The Illinos MAP (Monetary Award Program) Grant is awarded to families with financial need on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is especially important for seniors considering an Illinois public university to complete their FAFSA early.
  • Some colleges are beginning to award financial aid as early as November or December, though many colleges will stick to their normal timelines and award financial aid in February or March.

Assistance completing FAFSA

  • Mundelein High School hosts several college planning, financial aid and FAFSA presentations and workshops during September and October.
  • Meet with our Illinois Student Assistance Commission Corps member, available to meet with students and families one-on-one every Tuesday at MHS in the CCRC. Please contact her if you would like personal assistance:

    Financial Aid Assistance
    Jhoanna Vega-Rocha hablo español
    Illinois Student Assistance Commission (847) 732-3009
    Available at MHS every other Tuesday from 9-2, beginning February 6

  • Financial Aid 2017 Guide


Financial Guides & Presentations


Financial Aid 2018 Guide
Finacial Aid Night Handout

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Financial Websites

Federal student aid resources:


Managing college costs and scholarship information:

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