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Summer 2024

Master Schedule for 2024-2025

The 2024-2025 master schedule for MHS is in production.  We use PowerSchool to run simulations to optimize the schedule, aiming to place students in their chosen courses as efficiently as possible. We anticipate completing this process towards mid-June or earlier.  Once the schedule is completed tentative student schedules will be emailed out. Over the summer we will continue to make adjustments to ensure balance across all sections. Consequently, students will receive their finalized schedules in August.

How to Fix a Scheduling Error / Request a Course Change over the Summer

Once tentative schedules are released, students can complete THIS Google Form to request a course change and/or fix an error in their tentative schedule (DO NOT EMAIL YOUR COUNSELOR). The Google form will be monitored until July 25.

Errors in student schedules will take priority over a course preference change.  Each request to change a course will be considered based on the space available in the course. PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO COURSE PREFERENCE CHANGES MADE BEFORE JULY 25*. Change requests after this date are more difficult. Changing lunch/study hall periods will not be honored unless a student schedule requires a specific lunch/study hall period or there is a medical request.

Below is the summer counselor availability:

●      June - No counselors appointments.  For scheduling items complete the google form.

●      July - Counselors have limited availability by appointment to meet with incoming/transfer students. For scheduling items complete the google form.

●      August - ALL counselors return on August 7 and will be available to discuss last minute schedule corrections. All requests will be considered based on space availability. Course corrections in August are very limited. The deadline for all course changes is August 9, 2024.

Once classes begin on August 14, course changes will be closed and limited to the following examples: dropping a course for a study hall/free period, level change, error correction

Have a Wonderful and Safe Summer!

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