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Two MHS seniors named to Lake County Leadership Team

Diego Cisneros and Jillian Hoffstadt senior photos

Two Mundelein High School seniors, Diego Cisneros and Jillian Hoffstadt, have been chosen for the 2018-2019 Daily Herald Lake County Leadership Team. Only ten students were chosen from the applicants for the award.

Award winners will be part of the Leadership Team story that will run in the Daily Herald Neighbor section on Thursday, March 7.

The Leadership Team recognizes high school students who excel in volunteerism and community service.  Jillian and Diego were nominated by MHS for their outstanding work with volunteer and community organizations and for the leadership they have shown in those endeavors.

“We congratulate every student on the list because they had to survive a rigorous weed-out process just to be nominated and because their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment are so impressive,” said Renee Trappe, Daily Herald Leadership Team Coordinator.

“Thank you to the coordinators at each school and to the teachers and counselors who wrote excellent letters of recommendation. We can’t do this without your enthusiasm for which we are very grateful,” Trappe said.

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