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*Updated 4/7/2020* District 120 COVID-19 Information


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Friday Message from the Superintendent:

To Our MHS Families:

School is now in session through e-Learning and it’s great to see students and teachers actively engaged in the educational process. We will continue to keep you informed as we navigate through the coming months. Several items of importance are listed below:

Early Registration Deadline Extended

Registration for the 2020-21 school year continues. Please note that May 1, is the deadline for Early Bird Discount rates. The Early Bird Discount applies to all registrations that are fully completed by the May 1, deadline. Families may complete registration online or forms may be dropped off at the District 75 Office located at 407 N. Lake St. in Mundelein.

Non-Attendance Days for Students

Between now and the end of the school year there are five days scheduled as non-student days and  e-Learning activities will not take place on those days. They are:

  • April 9     Remote Learning Planning  Day – No student participation
  • April 10   Non-Attendance Day –  No student participation
  • April 24   Remote Learning Planning Day –  No student participation
  • May 7      Remote Learning Planning Day –  No student participation
  • May 20    Final Day of School for students
  • May 21    Final Day for staff – No student participation


Spring Activities

From Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal:  Many students and staff are disappointed that spring sports and activities are questionable right now.  There are many different events of concern:  spring athletics including senior recognition in each sport, the theatre department musical, band and choir concerts, prom, specific course events, senior honors ceremony, and graduation, among others.  The goal of the MHS staff is to hold as many events as possible.  MHS is currently working with vendors, venues and calendars to keep as many student spring activities and events.


2020 Census Reminder:

The Census information may now be completed online. By doing so, no one will come to residents homes. This makes the online method by far the easiest way to complete this. It is extremely important to complete the Census as it determines funding for statewide programs as well as congressional district assignments. Everyone should receive Census information in the mail. Forms are available online as well at and

Stay tuned for regular updates from the District each Friday and any special news that might come up in between.

Food Distribution

The district continues to deliver breakfasts and lunches each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to the set locations in Mundelein. Hours are 12 noon to 1 p.m.

Staying Safe

Thank you to all of our students, families and staff for your positive approach to the e-Learning format. We all need to continue to protect ourselves by following the guidelines regarding personal space, handwashing, covering a cough or sneeze and taking care of each other. We are Mustangs … that’s what we do.


Kevin Myers, PhD


Districts 75/120



e-Learning continues; lessons may be video recorded

We are continuing our e-Learning to educate our students during the Stay at Home order. Many of the lessons are delivered through video conferencing with such programs as Google Hangouts, Zoom or others. We want to remind you that these video meetings/lessons may be video recorded. Students will be notified by the teacher at the beginning of class if the online instruction will be recorded.  For additional information regarding student privacy, please reference the Acceptable Use provision of the Student Use of Technology Guidelines.



District 120 eLearning Days- COVID-19 School Closures

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Students  

Please see our eLearning webpage or email us at with any questions about our school closure.

How will my student’s attendance be taken?
  • All students are considered “Present” during the current shutdown (ISBE 3/29/2020)
How will my student know which assignments to do each week? 
  • On Monday mornings, teachers will email both students and parents by 9:00am. 
    • Teachers will explain the assignments for the week or identify the location where students can find the assignments (Canvas, Google classroom, etc). Weekly eLearning will include 2-3 shorter assignments or 1 longer assignment. Assignments should take students an average of 30 minutes to complete per course, per day. Additional “homework” will not be assigned. 
    • Teachers will provide assignment due dates in their communication to students and parents. 
  • In the email each week, teachers will share times throughout the day that they will be immediately available. Additionally, teachers will be checking email periodically throughout the school day (7:45-3:25). 

What are the expectations of my student? 
  • The district’s expectation is that students, to the extent they are able, should make good faith efforts to engage in their school work during the closure. Completion of eLearning assignments is required for course credit. 
  • Students are expected to complete and submit the eLearning assignments each week to their teachers by the expected due dates. Due dates may be extended for students with extenuating circumstances or IEP and 504 plans. 
  • Students will receive feedback from their teachers on those assignments. 
  • eLearning assignments will be recorded in Powerschool so parents and students can track academic progress during our school closure. 

Does my student have to be online and complete the eLearning assignments during the hours of the traditional school day (7:45 am-3:05 pm)

  • No. To the extent they are able, students should log into their school email each day, but are not required to be online for any particular course at any specific time of day. Students may work at their own pace, and at any time of day, while still submitting assignments by the due dates provided by their teachers. Teachers may provide live instruction for students during the school closure, but that instruction will be recorded and made accessible to students at a later time. 


New: How will the grading system work during the school closure? 

  • Students’ current grade in a course as of our last school attendance day (March 13th) will be maintained, or can be improved, provided the student demonstrates continued engagement and ability at a passing level after the transition to eLearning. 
  • Teachers may offer opportunities for students to make up missing work to improve grades earned before the school closure date of March 13th. This is another way students can work to improve their grades in addition to completing eLearning assignments.
  • eLearning assignments that have not been attempted by students will appear as missing work (M) in Powerschool, not as a zero. Teachers and counselors will reach out to students and parents to inquire why they have not attempted to complete their eLearning assignments. 


New: How will final second semester grades be determined? 

  • Students who do not complete eLearning assignments at a passing level may be assigned a grade of incomplete. A significant amount of unsubmitted eLearning work could result in a grade of incomplete (I) until the student submits the necessary eLearning work to teachers. Completion of the eLearning assignments is required to earn course credit for the semester.
  • Teachers will compare the student’s letter grade at the end of the semester to the letter grade as of March 13, 2020. If the end of semester letter grade is lower, the teacher will change the grade back to the March 13th grade, provided the student has participated in eLearning work. If the end of semester letter grade is the same or better, the student will receive that grade.
  • If a student’s grade is an “F” at the end of the semester, the grade will be changed to an incomplete. These students will be required to submit assignments and assessments at a passing level in order to receive a final grade for the course. 
  • Students can choose to convert the second semester letter grade of a course to a Pass (P) within a week of semester grades being issued. A Pass (P) grade does not affect a student’s GPA, but does earn credit for the course. On the student’s high school transcript, the course name will be listed with a “P” for pass. We will provide more communication on how to choose this option at a later date. 

New: How does the school closure affect my senior student for graduation? 

  • In order to earn a Mundelein High School diploma, students must complete all MHS graduation requirements.
  • Seniors’ grades as of March 13th will be maintained or can be improved during eLearning days. 
  • Seniors can work with their teachers to redo or reassess work completed on or before March 13th. 
  • We encourage students to continue to engage in the eLearning work. Grades from these assignments and assessments can help improve the overall second semester grade. 
  • Seniors who were failing a required graduation course as of March 13th should work with their teacher and counselor to submit course work at a passing level. 


What if my student’s technology isn’t working?


My child has an IEP, 504, or other related services. How will they receive their accommodations? 

  • Teachers will make modifications necessary to support students who need alternative learning experiences or additional support for the eLearning course work.
  • Jamie DiCarlo, Assistant Superintendent of Students Services (, or Kim Goldberg, Department Chair of Special Education (, can be contacted with questions regarding accommodations. 

How does the school closure affect Driver Education?

  • Per the IL State Board of Education, the classroom portion of a driver education program may be completed through eLearning, but the 6-hour behind the wheel portion of driver education programs must be suspended for the duration of the Governor’s mandated school closure as schools are closed to onsite instruction. 


Will my student take the spring SAT or PSAT exams? 

  • No, the SAT and PSAT exam administration scheduled for April is cancelled. Current juniors will take a free SAT at Mundelein High School in the fall of 2020. 


Will my student take Advanced Placement Exams this spring? 

  • Yes!  For the 2019–20 exam administration only, students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home.  There will NOT be any face-to-face exams this year. There will not be any multiple choice questions.
  • Due to school closures, AP exams will only include topics and skills most AP teachers and students have already covered in class by early March. You can find the units that will be tested for each AP course on the AP Central website.
  • The College Board will release additional information including the dates and logistical details for at home exams after April 3rd. 
  • Our recommendation is that students wait until the College Board releases additional information on April 3rd before making any decisions. regarding their AP exams. Students will have the option of canceling their exam(s), and the College Board will waive the $40.00/exam cancellation fee. 


Días de aprendizaje electrónico del Distrito 120 - Cierres escolares COVID-19

Preguntas frecuentes para padres y estudiantes

Consulte nuestra página web de eLearning o envíenos un correo electrónico a  con cualquier pregunta sobre el cierre de nuestra escuela.

¿Cómo se tomará la asistencia de mi estudiante?

  • Todos los estudiantes son considerados "Presentes" durante el cierre actual (ISBE 29/03/2020)

¿Cómo sabrá mi estudiante qué tareas hacer cada semana?

  • Los lunes por la mañana, los maestros enviarán un correo electrónico a los estudiantes y a los padres antes de las 9:00 a.m.
  • Los maestros explicarán las tareas de la semana o identificarán la ubicación donde los estudiantes pueden encontrar las tareas (Canvas, Google aula, etc.). El eLearning semanal incluirá 2-3 tareas más cortas o 1 tarea más larga. Las tareas deben tomar a los estudiantes un promedio de 30 minutos para completar por curso, por día. No se asignarán "tareas" adicionales.
  • Los maestros proporcionarán las fechas de vencimiento de las tareas en su comunicación con los estudiantes y los padres.
  • En el correo electrónico cada semana, los maestros compartirán los horarios durante el día en que estarán disponibles de inmediato. Además, los maestros revisarán el correo electrónico periódicamente durante el día escolar (7: 45-3: 25).


¿Cuáles son las expectativas de mi estudiante?

  • La expectativa del distrito es que los estudiantes, en la medida de lo posible, deben hacer esfuerzos de buena fe para participar en su trabajo escolar durante el cierre. Se requiere completar las tareas de eLearning para obtener crédito del curso.
  • Se espera que los estudiantes completen y presenten las tareas de eLearning cada semana a sus maestros en las fechas de vencimiento previstas. Las fechas de vencimiento pueden extenderse para estudiantes con circunstancias atenuantes o IEP y planes 504.
  • Los estudiantes recibirán comentarios de sus maestros sobre esas tareas.
  • Las tareas de eLearning se registrarán en Powerschool para que los padres y los estudiantes puedan seguir el progreso académico durante el cierre de nuestra escuela.


¿Mi estudiante tiene que estar en línea y completar las tareas de eLearning durante las horas del día escolar tradicional (7:45 am-3: 05 pm)

  • No. En la medida de lo posible, los estudiantes deben iniciar sesión en el correo electrónico de su escuela todos los días, pero no están obligados a estar en línea para ningún curso en particular a una hora específica del día. Los estudiantes pueden trabajar a su propio ritmo y en cualquier momento del día, mientras envían las tareas en las fechas de vencimiento proporcionadas por sus maestros. Los maestros pueden proporcionar instrucción en vivo para los estudiantes durante el cierre de la escuela, pero esa instrucción se grabará y se pondrá a disposición de los estudiantes en un momento posterior.

Nuevo¿Cómo funcionará el sistema de calificaciones durante el cierre de la escuela?

  • La calificación actual del estudiante en un curso a partir de nuestro último día de asistencia a la escuela (13 de marzo) se mantendrá, o puede mejorarse, siempre que el estudiante demuestre compromiso y habilidad continuos a un nivel aprobatorio después de la transición a eLearning.
  • Los maestros pueden ofrecer oportunidades para que los estudiantes recuperen el trabajo perdido para mejorar las calificaciones obtenidas antes de la fecha de cierre de la escuela del 13 de marzo. Esta es otra forma en que los estudiantes pueden trabajar para mejorar sus calificaciones, además de completar las tareas de eLearning.
  •  Las tareas de eLearning que no hayan sido intentadas por los estudiantes aparecerán como trabajos faltantes (M) en Powerschool, no como cero. Los maestros y consejeros se comunicarán con los estudiantes y los padres para preguntarles por qué no han intentado completar sus tareas de eLearning.


Nuevo:¿Cómo se determinarán las calificaciones finales del segundo semestre?

  • A los estudiantes que no realizan tareas completas de eLearning a un nivel aprobatorio se les puede asignar una calificación de incompleto. Una cantidad significativa de trabajo de eLearning no presentado podría resultar en una calificación de incompleto (I) hasta que el estudiante presente el trabajo de eLearning necesario a los maestros. Se requiere completar las tareas de eLearning para obtener crédito del curso durante el semestre.
  • Los maestros compararán la calificación de la letra del estudiante al final del semestre con la calificación de la letra a partir del 13 de marzo de 2020. Si la calificación de la letra al final del semestre es menor, el maestro cambiará la calificación al grado del 13 de marzo, siempre que el estudiante ha participado en trabajos de eLearning. Si la calificación de la letra del final del semestre es igual o mejor, el estudiante recibirá esa calificación.
  • Si la calificación de un estudiante es una "F" al final del semestre, la calificación se cambiará a incompleta. Se requerirá que estos estudiantes presenten tareas y evaluaciones a un nivel aprobatorio para recibir una calificación final para el curso.
  • Los estudiantes pueden optar por convertir la calificación final de la letra del segundo semestre de un curso en un Pase (P) dentro de una semana de la emisión de las calificaciones del semestre. Una calificación de Pase (P) no afecta el GPA de un estudiante, pero sí otorga crédito por el curso. En la transcripción de la escuela secundaria del estudiante, el nombre del curso aparecerá con una "P" para aprobar. Proporcionaremos más comunicación sobre cómo elegir esta opción en una fecha posterior.


Nuevo:¿Cómo afecta el cierre de la escuela a mi estudiante senior para graduarse?

  • Para obtener un diploma de Mundelein High School, los estudiantes deben completar todos los requisitos de graduación de MHS.
  • Las calificaciones de los estudiantes senior a partir del 13 de marzo se mantendrán o podrán mejorarse durante los días de eLearning.
  • Los estudiantes senior pueden trabajar con sus maestros para rehacer o reevaluar el trabajo completado el 13 de marzo o antes.
  • Alentamos a los estudiantes a continuar participando en el trabajo de eLearning. Las calificaciones de estas tareas y evaluaciones pueden ayudar a mejorar la calificación general del segundo semestre.
  • Los estudiantes senior que estaban reprobando un curso de graduación requerido a partir del 13 de marzo deben trabajar con su maestro y consejero para presentar el trabajo del curso a un nivel aprobatorio.

¿Qué pasa si la tecnología de mi estudiante no funciona?

  • Envíe un correo electrónico a nuestro Departamento de Tecnología a
  • Los estudiantes o padres también pueden comunicarse con nuestro correo electrónico de cierre de la escuela en

Mi hijo tiene un IEP, 504 u otros servicios relacionados. ¿Cómo recibirán su alojamiento?

  • Los maestros harán las modificaciones necesarias para apoyar a los estudiantes que necesitan experiencias de aprendizaje alternativas o apoyo adicional para el trabajo del curso de eLearning.
  • Se puede contactar a Jamie DiCarlo, asistente del superintendente de servicios estudiantiles (, o Kim Goldberg, presidente del departamento de educación especial ( para hacer preguntas sobre las adaptaciones.

¿Cómo afecta el cierre de la escuela a la educación vial?

  • Según la Junta de Educación del Estado de IL, la parte del aula de un programa de educación vial puede completarse a través de eLearning, pero las 6 horas al volante de los programas de educación vial deben suspenderse durante el cierre obligatorio de la escuela del Gobernador, ya que las escuelas están cerrado a la instrucción en el sitio.

¿Mi estudiante tomará los exámenes de primavera SAT o PSAT?

  • No, la administración del examen SAT y PSAT programada para abril está cancelada. Los estudiantes de tercer año actuales tomarán un SAT gratis en Mundelein High School en el otoño de 2020.

¿Mi estudiante tomará exámenes de colocación avanzada esta primavera?

  • ¡Si! Solo para la administración del examen 2019-20, los estudiantes tomarán un examen de respuesta gratuita en línea de 45 minutos en casa. NO habrá exámenes presenciales este año. No habrá preguntas de opción múltiple.
  • Debido al cierre de las escuelas, los exámenes AP solo incluirán temas y habilidades que la mayoría de los maestros y estudiantes de AP ya han cubierto en clase a principios de marzo. Puede encontrar las unidades que se evaluarán para cada curso AP en el sitio web de AP Central.
  • El College Board dará a conocer información adicional que incluye las fechas y los detalles logísticos para los exámenes en el hogar después del 3 de abril.
  • Nuestra recomendación es que los estudiantes esperen hasta que el College Board publique información adicional el 3 de abril antes de tomar cualquier decisión. con respecto a sus exámenes AP. Los estudiantes tendrán la opción de cancelar sus exámenes, y el College Board renunciará a la tarifa de cancelación de $40.00 / examen.



Dear students and families,


With the end of Spring Break, MHS has begun eLearning in earnest this week.  The building administration and faculty have been working each day to help clarify and create structure to classes from the guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education.  I wish to encourage all students to create consistent routines around online learning.


With this, many students and parents are asking about end of the year events.   Until we hear more from the governor regarding the length of the school closure, we will not make any hard and fast decisions regarding any end of the year events.  There are many different events of concern:  spring athletics including senior recognitions in each sport, the musical, band and choir concerts, prom, specific course events, senior honors ceremony, and graduation to name a handful.  Certainly, each of these events are important to the students involved and the fabric of the entire school.  As an example, it was devastating to our players, student body and parents when the IHSA cancelled the boys basketball sectional playoff games earlier this month.  Therefore, any decisions regarding whether these end of the year events will be held, rescheduled or cancelled will weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. 


At this time the only update I can provide is regarding prom.  With the governor’s executive order of March 16, no gatherings over 50 people could be held for the following 8 weeks.  The expiration of this executive order is May 11, after the MHS prom date.  Therefore, our prom venue, The Lincolnshire Marriott, informed MHS that the current prom date was cancelled.  The Marriott did offer other May dates, however, no plans have been solidified until more is known regarding the remainder of the school year.


During the next two weeks, the building administration will be reviewing options for each end of the year event (graduation, prom, senior honors night)  in light of the different considerations.  As we hold these discussions, our first objective is to hold the event if at all possible.  If the event is not able to be held, our goal is to hold a type of virtual event if appropriate and/or possible.   Students and parents will receive follow up emails from me regarding these considerations in the weeks to come.  Stay connected by reading all MHS email communications and reviewing the MHS website periodically.


Stay healthy,

Dr. Anthony Kroll



NOTICE:  Remote learning via Zoom and/or Google Hangouts may include the audio and video recording of those who participate.  The recording will only be used by the District for future instruction.





Friday Message From the Superintendent:
Sunday signals the end of Spring Break and we know that our students are looking forward to continuing their e-Learning experiences with their teachers. As of now, these daily lessons will continue through Monday, April 6 but the Governor of Illinois may extend the Stay at Home order beyond that date. However long the order lasts, education will continue through e-Learning.
Gathering in Groups
The Mundelein Police Department needs your help during this difficult time. We have received a significant increase in complaints regarding violations of the Governor Pritzker’s Executive order to not congregate in groups and to practice social distancing.  We still see our youth gathering in parks and in groups, which is a direct violation of the shelter in place order and social distancing. We are in this together and everyone needs to do their part by complying with the Governor’s order.  Please stop gathering. It is time to take this seriously. The parks may be used for individual exercise, but group activities of any kind will be dispersed. We are asking for the community’s help as enforcement is not our preferred method.
Lunch Box Distribution – Donations Needed
Mundelein School Districts 75 and 120 have teamed up to provide food to families in need during this time. In addition to providing remote lunch and breakfast meal service at select locations on certain dates, the districts are preparing food boxes for families in need. Thanks to the generous donations of those in our community, the districts have been able to provide two deliveries to families with children in the Mundelein and neighboring school districts of 73, 75, 76, 79 and 120. The next delivery is scheduled for April 5. Donations are needed for this upcoming distribution date. Items needed include: toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste), feminine products, baby wipes, diapers, cleaning spray/cleaning wipes, macaroni and cheese, pasta, pasta sauce, peanut butter, jelly, tortillas, canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit applesauce, fruit snacks, granola bars, rice, beans (dry or canned) and condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise. Gift cards in ten dollar increments to stores such as Jewel, Mariano’s, Aldi and Target are also accepted. Donations can be dropped off at any time at The Chapel in Mundelein, at 1966 W. Hawley Street. There are weatherproof bins at the front of the entrance for donations. Donations for this distribution need to be received by Saturday, April 4 at 9 am.
Weekly Meal Distribution Four Days a Week
Districts 75 and 120 will continue to provide FREE meals - BREAKFAST and LUNCH!
Starting the week of Monday, March 30, meals will be served Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 12 noon to 1 pm.  All children 18 and under are eligible for free meals. Locations are:  Embassy Apartments - Orchard ST & Shaddle ST;  Washington Apartments - located at 900 & 1000 E Orchard ST;  Dolphin Apartments - located at McKinley AV & Prospect AV;  Deepwood Apartments - located at Lake ST & Walnut ST; and Lake Apartments - located at Lake ST & Hammond ST (across from the Mundelein Police Department).
2020 Census Reminder:
We are now able to complete the Census information online. By doing so, no one will come to our homes so the online method is by far the easiest method for doing this. It is extremely important to complete the Census as it determines funding for statewide programs as well as congressional district assignments. Everyone should receive Census information in the mail. Forms are available online as well at and

Stay tuned for regular updates from the District each Friday and any special news that might come up in between.

Kevin Myers, PhD


Districts 75/120



Friday Message from the Superintendent


To Our District 120 Families:


The Governor of Illinois has just issued a Stay at Home order through Tuesday, April 7. This means the school will be closed through April 7.


Thank you students, parents and staff. We are completing the first week of our “new normal” and appreciate that everyone is staying focused, connected and positive as we work through this difficult time.

At the close of this email, please see a listing of available Hot Spots for WiFi usage.

I am happy to tell you that our e-Learning is going well and it is great to see our students and teachers continuing to work together and under very unique circumstances. I applaud everyone for their cooperation and enthusiasm for continuing the educational process. Of course there will be some minor “bumps in the road” as we work through this, but overall, I couldn’t be more pleased. For updated in formation and tips from Dr. Jessica Herrmann, systems of support coordinator, please visit the D120 website at Be confident that the staff and administration of District 120 are working hard every day to be sure that our students are progressing through their learning processes.

Next week is the scheduled Spring Break week. As such, the high school building will be closed. Food deliveries will take place on Tuesday, March 24 and Thursday, March 26 from 12 noon to 1:30 pm. All children 18 and under are eligible for free meals. They can be from any area school, but must be present to receive lunch. The locations are:

  • Embassy Apartments, Orchard ST and Shaddle ST
  • Washington Apartments, 900 and 1000 E Orchard ST
  • Dolphin Apartments, McKinley AV and Prospect AV
  • Deepwoods Apartments, Lake ST and Walnut ST


Please continue to visit our website at often for the most recent information.

2020 Census:  We are now able to complete the Census information online. By doing so, no one will come to our homes so the online method is by far the easiest method for doing this. It is extremely important to complete the Census as it determines funding for statewide programs as well as congressional district assignments. Everyone should receive Census information in the mail. Forms are available online as well at and

Stay tuned for regular updates from the District. In the meantime, stay strong, stay positive and we WILL get through this together.



Kevin Myers, PhD

Superintendent, Districts 75/120


Wifi Hotspot Locations




3/19/2020 -


Dr. Jessica Herrmann, Systems of Support Coordinator


In this time of change and uncertainty, it is common for all of us to feel some anxiety, fear, frustration, and confusion. In these times, it is important to remember that children, even teenagers, look to adults for guidance on how to react and cope during stressful events. Please do your best to reassure students that health and school officials are working hard to ensure that people throughout our country stay healthy and safe.


Though our daily lives are disrupted in many ways right now, there remains a great deal within our control. Encourage students to focus on what they can do to keep themselves healthy: get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise! In addition, be sure to take our health officials’ recommendations seriously. Stay home as much as possible, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. 


While we take these efforts to take care of ourselves physically, we all need to be diligent about taking care of our mental health as well. Encourage your children to do things that help them relax, such as deep breathing, stretching, meditating, journaling, reading, exercising, or listening to music. In addition, encourage them to stay connected to friends and family and people who care about them. Though we cannot connect in person as much as we would like, we can stay connected virtually. 


The overall health and wellbeing of our students and families is of utmost importance. As part of our commitment to wellbeing, Mundelein High School is sharing the resources listed below. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we navigate these challenging times together.


Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks 


Care for your Coronavirus Anxiety


Talking with Children about COVID-19: A Parent Resource (PDF)


Managi​ng Stress and Anxiety around COVID-19


NAMI COVID-19 Tips and Resources


Padres: From Dr. Jessica Herrmann, Systems of Support Coordinator


En este momento de cambio, es común para todos nosotros sentir ansiedad, miedo, frustración y confusión. En estos tiempos, es importante recordar que los niños, incluso los adolescentes, buscan en los adultos sobre cómo reaccionar y sobrellevar situaciones estresantes. Haga todo lo posible para asegurar a los estudiantes que los oficiales de salud y escolares están trabajando arduamente para garantizar que las personas en todo el país se mantengan sanas y seguras.


Aunque nuestra vida diaria se ve interrumpida de muchas maneras en este momento, queda mucho por hacer bajo nuestro control. Anime a los estudiantes a concentrarse en lo que pueden hacer para mantenerse saludables: ¡duerma lo suficiente, coma alimentos saludables, beba mucha agua y haga ejercicio! Además, asegúrese de tomar en serio las recomendaciones de nuestros funcionarios de salud. Quédese en casa tanto como sea posible, lávese las manos y evite tocarse la cara.


Mientras nos cuidamos físicamente, también debemos ser diligentes para cuidar nuestra salud mental. Anime a sus hijos a hacer cosas que los ayuden a relajarse, como respirar profundamente, estirarse, meditar, escribir en un diario, leer, hacer ejercicio o escuchar música. Además, deben mantenerse conectados con amigos, familiares y personas que se preocupan por ellos. Aunque no podemos conectarnos en persona tanto como quisiéramos, podemos permanecer conectados virtualmente.


La salud y el bienestar general de nuestros estudiantes y familias es de suma importancia. Como parte de nuestro compromiso con el bienestar, Mundelein High School está compartiendo los siguientes recursos. Gracias por su paciencia, flexibilidad, y comprensión mientras navegamos juntos por estos tiempos difíciles.


Comparta información sobre el COVID-19


Hable con sus hijos sobre el COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Un recurso para padres (PDF)


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3/ 18/2020

What is the status of e-Learning for MHS students?

  • MHS is using e-Learning for students and staff throughout the time away from school.
  • Continued academic experiences will help prevent “Gap Time.”
  • The goal of e-Learning is to make each day valuable … a day for students to experience continued academic growth.
  • Regular communication between students and teachers, through e-Learning, will keep teaching and learning alive during the time away from school.


Originally, Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17 were scheduled as emergency days that would have to be made up at the end of the school year. Wednesday, March 18 through Friday, March 20 and also March 30 were scheduled as e-Learning days. E-Learning days are considered instructional school days that do not have to be made up at the end of the year. Recently, the IL Governor issued mandatory school closings beginning March 17 with plans to reopen March 31. These days are considered Act of God days which do not count as actual school days and do not have to be made up at a later time.


Mundelein High School is committed to the well-being and growth of our students. Therefore, we will continue to provide our students with meaningful academic experiences so they do not have any disruption to their education. Teachers will continue to email assignments to students and provide feedback to them during the school closure. We encourage families to do their best to encourage students to complete the work sent by their teachers via email so that their education continues during this time away from school.


Please contact MHS administration at with any questions about the e-Learning process.



What is happening with scheduled SAT testing?

  • The College Board has cancelled the May 2, 2020 SAT exam. Makeup exams for the March 14 test, scheduled to take place March 28 are also cancelled. Registered students will receive refunds.
  • The College Board will provide future additional SAT testing dates for students as soon as possible in place of the cancelled tests. The June 6, 2020 SAT exam has not as yet been cancelled but will continue to be evaluated based on what is happening with the COVID-19 virus.
  • Coming Soon:  The College Board is working with local partners about weekday, school-based testing this spring for the SAT, PSAT, PSAT 10 and PSAT 8/9
  • To help students keep their college readiness skills sharp while many schools are closed, the College Board and Khan Academy will continue to provide free resources online including full-length practice tests and personalized learning tools. That information is available at



And what about AP testing?

  • The AP Program is finalizing streamlined AP Exam options that would be available sometime in May. They are working to give every AP student the opportunity to claim the college credit they’ve earned.
  • The AP Program will communicate the details of these additional solutions to educators and students later this month. Click here for the latest information:
  • The College Board will remain focused on student safety and ensuring all students have the tools they need to work, and opportunities to receive the credit they have earned, during this challenging time.





MHS Families,


Building Access

Beginning Tuesday, March 17, Mundelein High School will be closed to visitors,and students.. If a need arises, students would need to email building administration for permission and a scheduled time to come to the building. Requests should be sent to



The Governor of Illinois has declared the days away from school as “Act of God” (AOG) days and will not need to be made up at the end of the school year. This situation could change at any time. With AOG days, no e-Learning on the part of students or teachers is  required, but it IS encouraged. Nothing assigned on AOG days will be graded or calculated into the overall letter grade. We will NOT be taking student attendance during this AOG period. “The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is encouraging all school districts to provide learning opportunities for all students, through whatever means possible.” We would like to continue to provide our students with academic experiences so they do not experience disrupted education. 


Food Distribution during the school shutdown:

Districts 75 and 120 will provide FREE lunches for students. Food will be distributed to students Wednesday through Friday this week. It will be delivered twice during spring break. This will include a bag lunch and beverage. 

  • Wednesday through Friday between noon and 1:30 pm.and during Spring Break Week on Tuesday, March 24 and Thursday, March 26 at the same times and locations. 
  • All children 18 and under are eligible for free meals.
  • Students can be from any area school, but must be present to receive lunch.

Volunteers will deliver lunches at the following locations:

Location 1

  • Embassy Apartments - located at Orchard St. & Shaddle St.
  • Washington Apartments - located at 900 & 1000 E Orchard St.

Location 2

  • Dolphin Apartments - located at McKinley Ave. & Prospect Ave.

Location 3

  • Deepwood Apartments- located at Lake St. & Walnut St.


Please know that any of this information may change due to the governor’s decree or a change in circumstances. We encourage you to stay safe, stay informed and stay healthy.


Dr. Kevin Myers, Superintendent





D120 Family Notice:

Due to continued concerns about the COVID-19 virus, Mundelein High School District 120 will join the majority of Lake County schools that are closing at the end of the day today. School will be closed for the next two weeks (the second week being the scheduled Spring Break vacation). The return date has not yet been established but you will be kept informed.

The first two days, Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17, will be considered “Emergency Days” which will need to be made up before the end of the school year. If students need to pick up any additional materials, they may do so between 10 am and noon on Monday. No eLearning activities need to take place on those two days. Additional days, beginning Wednesday, March 18, will involve eLearning activities. Students will need to be in touch with their teachers through Canvas or Google Classroom to complete their school work. The building will be open until 4 pm today in case things need to be picked up.

When schools are closed, IEP meetings are also cancelled and will be rescheduled for a different time when school is open.

There will be no athletic or extracurricular activities during the next two weeks. Families will be kept informed of any new information as the next two weeks progress. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and make a decision by Friday, March 27, about resuming classes or extending eLearning days.




To our Mundelein District 120 Families:

The COVID-19 Virus has been declared a national pandemic. We are taking necessary precautions to protect our students, staff and community.  We will follow the Lake County Health Department and the Center for Disease Control’s guidance and direct recommendations when considering any cancellations.  At this time, our public health officials have recommended that we cancel all non-essential activities. 


 We are taking many proactive steps to maintain a healthy indoor environment.


  • Our custodians have been disinfecting higher use areas in addition to their normal nighttime routines.  An example - the weight room, staff workout room, and handrails were disinfected. The cafeteria tables, serving lines, media center, main office, and nurse's office will be disinfected over the weekend.
  • We are in constant contact with our custodial services vendor to ensure our methods and materials are exceeding industry standards.
  • Additional outside air is being drawn in periodically via our mechanical systems. This will help increase air turnover. 


We also know that Spring Break is coming up soon and many families may have scheduled upcoming trips during this time. If your family is planning on taking a trip to a Level 2 or Level 3 country, we ask that you please contact your school’s principal to communicate your plans. For the safety of everyone, we request that you please adhere to the CDC’s guidance related to travel. To view an interactive map that shows current global travel advisory levels, please visit the following Department of State website


We are also prepared to close the school and provide eLearning opportunities should that become necessary. This form of online education was approved by the D120 Board of Education last fall. We will keep you updated on the possibility of using this form of temporary education.

PARENTS: Please encourage your children to take their Chromebooks home with them every evening to ensure that they will have them available should school be closed.


We will continue to follow the guidance and direct recommendations of the Lake County Health Department, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Center for Disease Control when considering any cancellations.


In the meantime, we would like to remind you of these basic steps that everyone should be taking to minimize the spread of this and any respiratory illness:

  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.


As always, the safety and well-being of our students, teachers, and staff, remain our top priority. Thank you for your continued help in assisting with this process.


The following activities/events are changed:

  • Robotics Competition has been canceled; no make-up date has been scheduled
  • Baseball/Softball Spring Break trip to Tennessee is now cancelled
  • Mundelein Invitational Jazz Festival for Saturday, March 14, is cancelled
  • All athletic/activity banquets are cancelled starting with tonight, March 12, 2020
  • All activities are cancelled that involve outside organizations like Kirk Players, Feeder Schools, etc.
  • Boys/Girls Water Polo contests set for tonight are cancelled at home and at Buffalo Grove High School
  • The NHS St. Patrick Day Dance at Dunbar Center in Mundelein set for Friday, March 13 is cancelled
  • Athletic competitions are still on but the number of spectators may be limited
  • Winter Guard Spring Break trip is cancelled for Sunday
  • All field trips for next week are cancelled

We will continue to update our information when necessary. At this point, Mundelein High School has no known cases of COVID-19.


Dr. Kevin Myers, Superintendent

Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal

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