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District 120 School Board Meeting Notes

September 6, 2022

The District 120 Board of Education values communication and transparency. We will be publishing “District 120 News & Notes” after our regular Board of Education meetings and if/as other opportunities arise in order to keep our community informed and connected. News & Notes will focus on actions taken and highlights from administration presentations.

Annual Budget - Board Approved

The School Board approved a balanced 2022-23 school year budget with a slight surplus. While the budget includes a 3.85 percent increase in expenditures to $44.05 million, it is matched by $44.1 million in revenues. The revenues were boosted from both state and local sources. District 120 will receive an increase of $123,000 from its main source of state revenue and about $1 million from corporate personal property replacement tax. The Board also saved about $100,000 when it selected a current administrator to fill the department chairman vacancy.

Engineering Services - Board Approved

The Board has been in the process of reviewing its long-term facility needs. As part of this effort, we have interviewed and selected a new architect of record (Wight & Company), and are in the process of reviewing and updating our Master Facilities Plan. To complement both the services we will be looking to our architect for and our own internal capabilities, we have searched for, and selected an Engineering services firm. Besides overseeing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection work, this firm may be involved in master planning, energy auditing, space renovations and special projects in the future. The engineering  firm selected and approved at the September 6 meeting is Elara Engineering

Substitute Compensation Increase - Board Approved

The School Board appreciates the individuals who make themselves available to serve as substitute teachers. The Board voted to accept the administration’s recommendation to increase compensation for substitute teachers from $133 per day to $150 per day ($75 per half day). It is the first increase in pay for substitutes in 10 years. The number of available substitutes is low and neighboring districts recently addressed the challenge of finding subs by increasing their pay. The goal is to not only attract more substitutes but to retain current subs who are familiar with the students and the district.

MHS Grading Policies

A team of administrators and teachers at Mundelein High School has been working to review our grading practices to understand how we can be most effective in giving students information about how they are demonstrating progress toward learning goals and what guidance can help teachers to be consistent, fair, and equitable in grading. The updated policies are designed to ensure grades at MHS accurately communicate what students know and are able to line up to clearly articulated learning targets. The work of an MHS Grading Committee has provided three acceptable alternatives to the traditional 100-point grading system that will  better reflect a student’s demonstration of level of knowledge and skills.

Specialized Services Department

MHS has been working to develop career pathways for students for some time and students are expected to greatly benefit from the  recently approved State of Illinois Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Act. The career exploration framework in place at MHS will provide guidance to students, families and educators so that by the time a student is preparing to graduate, they will be able to make an informed decision about a career or college. By creating pathways and helping students find their passion, school administrators expect kids to be more knowledgeable about their opportunities, more families saving money and more students finding jobs in their field of study.

Peter Rastrelli, Board President
On behalf of the District 120 Board of Education