The What

The What

(Facility Improvement Plans)

  • Increased multi-purpose throughout

- Improved flexibility/higher use of instruction, physical education, performance and office spaces

- Increased options to respond to future social distancing needs

  • Expanded cafeteria space

- Reduce number of lunch periods from four to three (750 students per lunch period)

- Flexible/increased servery locations

  • Expanded performing arts spaces

- Larger auditorium, accessible, larger stage, more storage, adjacent space

- Black box theater - multi-use space for instruction, group activity, meetings, and smaller theater/dance/other performances (100 seats)

- Expanded music rehearsal rooms and instrument storage

  • Expanded physical education/athletic spaces

- Field house addition for physical education, track and court sports, increased and flexible spectator seating.

- Competition gym to accommodate our student population.

  • Enhanced/expanded Career Training & Transition Spaces

- Consistent with evolving opportunities in career pathways.

  • Consideration of mental health and wellness

- Traffic flow and sight lines to increase views of student services and outside spaces

- Intentional quiet spaces

- Visibility to indoor and outdoor greenery

  • Improved building performance

- More efficient, more sustainable

  • Additional parking, improved traffic pattern

- Addition of ring road around the high school campus to improve traffic flow and decrease traffic congestion and delays