Timing: Facilities Plan and Referendum 

On July 9, the District 120 School Board voted to place a building bonds referendum on the November 5, 2024 ballot.

Between July and November, the District will run an informational campaign to provide information on the referendum, why it’s needed, what it includes, how it will impact the school and the community. The District’s campaign will include mailings, website updates, social media, videos and public meetings and building tours, all designed to provide information to the community about the referendum and the proposed project.

If voters approve the referendum, the overall construction timeline would begin in the spring of 2025 and last about three years.

The District, architect, and construction management team will work together to develop a phasing plan that is as least disruptive to school operations as possible, while allowing the work to pace out as efficiently as possible to be cost competitive.

The plan for improving Mundelein High School began in November 2022 when the School Board updated its long-term facilities plan. The Board placed a referendum on the ballot in April 2023 which was not approved by voters.

The District introduced a downsized proposal in October of 2023 and began to solicit community input. It mailed updated project information to voters, hosted a pair of town hall meetings and conducted a telephone survey. The information collected was used to update the building improvement plan and prepare information for the community in advance of the November 2024 referendum.