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Summer Boot Camps


Registration Postponed - New Registration Dates To Be Determined

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Boot Camp Registration

In addition to regular summer school classes, Mundelein High School offers boot camp-style courses as a way of helping students prepare for the next level. Currently boot camps are available for AP students and Peer Tutoring. 

Registration: TBA

Questions: Please call Mrs. Jean Davis at 847-949-2200 ext. 1257


AP Boot Camp

AP Boot Camp is designed to introduce students to skills and strategies for success in an AP course. Activities will be focused on strengthening academic foundations and refining advanced learning skills such as note taking and study habits. AP Boot Camp is free and strongly recommended for first-time AP students. 

  • Class time to be determined

Peer Tutor Boot Camp

Peer Tutor Boot Camp is designed to empower students with communication, leadership, and peer tutoring skills for the upcoming school year.  Week-long training will feature active team bonding, deep self-reflection, and educational strategies tutors can use to teach students at all grade levels and reinforce their own knowledge. Peer Tutor Boot Camp is free.  All are welcome. 

  • Class times to be determined