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Dear MHS Community,

Thank you for your patience as the yearbook staff worked hard to complete the 2019-2020 yearbook via eLearning.  A couple of the editors will also continue to work this summer on a one-page insert to cover some of the summer senior events, most importantly the drive-by graduation, for the book.

While we can expect the yearbooks and the inserts to be delivered to the school by early August, we are still working with school administration to figure out the when and how we will get these yearbooks into the hands of the students who ordered them.  As more information becomes available, it will be shared with you. 

Therefore, we appreciate your continued patience as we work to give you the best yearbook experience possible for an unprecedented school year.



The Yearbook Staff

Students interested in being part of Yearbook should sign up for the course: Journalism: Yearbook/Photojournalism
English Department Course Guide

Instructor Michelle Didzbalis

2019 - 2020 Editors

Editor-in-Chief: Kylie Carrier
Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Hannah Stanley

News/Opinion & Online Editor: MacKenzie Stewart

Assistant News/Opinion Editor: Tress Dorfler

Entertainment Editor: Sarah Parduhn
Sports/Features Editor: Ashley Cline

2019-2020 Reporters

Dylan DeBord, Isabella Marotti and Ryan Wilson

yerabook photographer 17-18
Order a Yearbook
Yearbooks are ordered through Josten's and are $55 each.

Yearbook covers events in order to highlight the most important aspects of Mundelein High School and creates a yearbook filled with the best memories and highlights from the current school year.

Reporters are expected to cover events, conduct interviews, take pictures and learn about design and marketing. They also learn the laws and ethics of journalism.

Editors cover events, conduct interviews and complete pages for the yearbook. The entire class works together to meet deadlines and make sure all important MHS events are covered.

Major Events: Yearbook distribution, yearbook campaigning