Mundelein High School


June 9, 2021

School start times will not change for 2021-2022 School Year
After considerable discussion among the D120 and D75 boards of education, school start times in Districts 75 and 120 will not be changed for the upcoming school year. The current plan is to implement a new start time for all buildings beginning in August of 2022. The proposal under consideration was to delay start times due to research concerning the desirable sleep requirements of teens and younger children. The reasons for waiting a year to make the change and the next steps are as follows:
  1. The proposed drop-off time at Washington and Mechanics Grove schools would mean the students would need to be asleep by 7 pm with a 6:45 am bus pickup time if the students were to get their recommended 10-12 hours of sleep a night.
  2. The research on school start times for students in grades K-5 are limited at best. We do not know the impact of having the younger students report to school earlier.
  3. Having the younger students at the bus stop during twilight times is a concern. This occurs during December to February when it would still be dark/dusk when the students would be at the bus stop.
  4. The option to not share bus routes would be costly:  $117,000 for D120 and $350,000 for D75 to run separate routes for Washington and MHS. That would be pending on the bus company being able to hire bus drivers and purchase additional buses.


The next steps:
  1. D75 has teamed with Rush University Medical Center to conduct a school start time study. The 21-22 school year will establish our benchmarks. This will be a multi-year study and may include MHS.
  2. The bus contract ends this year and will be put out for bid in January 2022. As part of the bid we will include the 2022-2023 start times based on input from the Rush Medical Team. Since the start times will be included in the bid the cost should be lower.
This is one of those times we need to remember that we are in a shared service model. Sometimes things have to move slow to move fast. In the end, both districts will be making a decision that is based on science for grades K-12 instead of a decision for students in grades 6-12.
We will continue to keep you updated as the coming school year progresses. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we tackle this critical issue.
Dr. Kevin Myers
Districts 75 and 120

 May 18, 2021


Family and Graduates of the Class of 2021   
Graduation Reminders:
Here are a few last minute reminders and details for the Class of 2021 graduation.  There may be adjustments, so please review all emails sent from the school.  Please send any questions to

Thursday, May 20 - Senior Pick up/Drop off Event (7:45am-12:00pm)

Graduates will park in the stadium (junior) lot and walk into the North Gym.

  • Drop off school property (i.e. library books, textbooks, athletic equipment, fine arts equipment and apparel).
  • Chromebooks must be returned but graduates may return them after Advanced Placement testing if needed.
  • Check for any outstanding fees due to MHS.
  • Pick up graduation cap & gown, graduation ceremony tickets (wristbands) and white and yellow cards for name readers at the ceremony.


  • Pick up senior edition of school newspaper, Senior Honors keepsake booklet, honors tassels and medals and MHS award certificates.
  • Register with the MHS Foundation as Alumni.
  • Complete FAFSA or opt out (if not already done).


Sunday, May 23 - Graduation

  • Unable to attend the ceremony? Here’s the link to the live stream
  • Per the CDC and Illinois governor, masks wearing continues to be mandatory on school property.
  • In case of inclement weather, an announcement will be sent via email by 8am on Sunday morning regarding changes to when the graduation ceremonies would occur.
  • The stadium will open for graduates and guests:

■ 10:15am for the 11am graduation.

■ 1:15pm for the 2pm graduation.

■Graduates report to the North Lot.  Spectators should enter the stadium from the stadium parking lot.

Unable to attend the ceremony? Here’s the link to the live stream
  • Spectators may sit in the home stands or visitor stands. Track seating is available for elderly guests or guests with physical disabilities. Please feel free to inform MHS ( in advance so arrangements may be made for the party.  Seating is limited to 1 elderly/ADA person and 1 family member. All other family members must sit in the stands. This will be a wheelchair accessible seating option.
  • Graduates will line up in the North Parking lot, march into the stadium in front of the visitor stands, cross the field and march in front of the home stands before beginning to sit.


Map for graduate line up and procession into stadium.
MHS Stadium
  • Please follow the direction of the security staff as they will be providing a safe and efficient process for parking and returning to cars after the ceremony. In order to have room for all our guests to park please come to campus in as few cars as possible.
■All guests and participants must walk within the designated walkways.
■All guests and participants are required to wear masks.
■Spectators must leave the stadium and return to their vehicles immediately after the ceremony.  Graduates will meet their families at the vehicles after picking up their diploma in the North Gym after the ceremony.

May 10, 2021


Families and Graduates of the Class of 2021,
Last week, the governor shared that Illinois would open the “Bridge to Phase 5”.  This allows for 60% capacity at particular events. This is great news for the upcoming graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2021 on May 23.   As MHS has put considerable work into the current plans for holding an in-person graduation ceremony on campus to be held in two weeks, we are moving forward with the plans already communicated since April 23.
However, we are making one major change to our plans.  All graduates will be given 8 wristband/tickets for their graduation session.  This is an increase from the 4 tickets originally communicated on April 23.  We hope this relieves some of the concerns families may have had with limited tickets.
We did consider holding one graduation ceremony on May 23, but believe there are safety and parking concerns due to the overall size of the graduating class.  
If you have any questions, please email .

April 30, 2021
Family and Graduates of the Class of 2021,

As a reminder, I want to review the events for the last few weeks for the Class of 2021.  There may be adjustments, so periodically review emails sent from the school.  Please send any questions to

April 23, 2021
Families and Graduates of the Class of 2021,
Graduation for the Class of 2021 is approaching.  Unfortunately, MHS will not be able to utilize the size and flexibility of the NOW (formally Sears) Centre.  However, the good news is that MHS will host an actual graduation ceremony on campus this year.  This letter outlines the details of this year’s graduation ceremony.  Please email with any questions.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School
Date:  Sunday, May 23, 2021 (Rain Date:  Monday,  May 24)
Time:  11:00 am (A-Li) and 2:00 pm (Lo-Z)    The graduation ceremony is approximately 1 hour in length.
Location:  MHS Stadium and streamed online (link will be provided closer to the event)
COVID19 Protocols:  All guests must wear a face mask and respect a social distance of 6ft from other groups.  Members of the same party are not required to social distance from each other.
  • Each graduate will receive 4 tickets/wristbands for guests.  The graduate will then distribute the tickets/wristbands as desired.  There are no other available tickets/wristbands.  Graduates will receive the 4 tickets/wristbands when they pick up their cap & gown on Thursday, May 20.  
  • Guests must wear the wristbands in order to enter the stadium.
  • Guests will sit in the stadium bleachers.  For elderly guests and guests with physical disabilities which make using the stairs difficult, seating on the track will be available.  Please feel free to inform MHS ( in advance so arrangements may be made for the party.  This will be a wheel chair accessible seating option.
  • Handicap parking will be available outside the entrance to the stadium.
  • Guests will primarily use the upper and lower student parking lots for graduation parking.  Please follow the instructions of the Security personnel. 
  • If families have transportation concerns, please email .
  • All guests must agree to a bag check in order to gain entrance into the stadium.
  • All guests must agree not to use tobacco or alcoholic products on school property.
Graduation is a ceremony of honor and recognition.  I respectfully request that all guests honor the intent of this by maintaining an environment of respect and decorum.  Noise makers (i.e. air horns, cow bells) will not be allowed in the stadium.

April 15, 2021
MHS Families,
Last night, D75 and D120 conducted an informational webinar on a Start of the School day proposal.  For Mundelein High School students, this proposal would start school at 8:40 am each day and reduce the morning and afternoon wait time for bus transportation for students. 
In addition, MHS is interested in hearing from parents/guardians regarding this proposal.  Below is a link to a Parent Survey.  The survey will take 5 minutes or less to complete and a link to the survey is listed below.
Finally, on Wednesday, April 21 at 6 pm, MHS will hold a school specific Question & Answer session.  Please use the link below to access this meeting link.
Passcode: 052985
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

March 17, 2021
Seniors and Parents of the Class of 2021,
Four years have passed in a blink of an eye.  It is hard to believe that four years ago, your sons and daughters arrived as wide-eyed freshmen students and today, have grown into young men and women ready to take on the next steps in their lives.  
As the end of the school year approaches, I wanted to provide families with an update of different “senior specific” events.  This letter represents the most current information and provides timelines when final decisions will be communicated.
During this spring, feel free to contact me at with any questions regarding the Class of 2021 end of year events.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School
Class of 2021 MHS End of Year Events
Senior Smoothies - Thursday, April 1
Seniors are invited to enjoy a Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothie in the student parking lot on Thursday, April 1, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  Smoothies are free.
Homecoming Events - April
MHS will announce a number of plans associated with the Homecoming Football Game to be played on April 9.  Student Leadership is planning Spirit Week and rolling out the Homecoming Court selection process soon.
Outside Pep Rally - Late April
Senior parents/seniors students are invited to attend an outside pep assembly.  More details to come by April 15.
Drive In Movie - April TBD
MHS will host a drive in movie on campus for the Class of 2021.  More details including date, cost and location to come by April 15.
Decision Day Celebration – Near May 1
The MHS College Ambassadors will be hosting an event celebrating the future decisions (college, military, and career) of all seniors! Follow the @mhsdecisions Instagram Account for updates!
Prom - Friday, May 14
Prom will be an in-person event scheduled for Friday, May 14. This will be a senior only event that will take place at Mundelein High School.  This event will not be the traditional dance but rather an event offering music and good times for all attendees.  This event will follow IDPH guidelines and more information will be provided after spring break.  A student survey is being sent by Student Leadership to all seniors for student preferences on activities and dress.
Senior Honors Ceremony -  May 18 & 19
The Senior Honors Ceremony will be a virtual presentation that will be available for viewing on Wednesday, May 19. This presentation will include all Honors Graduates, Academic, Fine Arts and Athletic Department Awards as well as MHS Foundation, Community and Military awards and scholarships. Students who are receiving community awarded scholarships will be invited to a separate virtual webinar on Tuesday, May 18 for recognition by the community group awarding the scholarship. A Senior Honors Ceremony keepsake program will be included in the items seniors pick up on May 20. 
Senior - Last day of attendance - Wednesday, May 19
Seniors are expected to be in attendance through May 19.
Class of 2021 drop off / pick up - Thursday, May 20
The date for the Class of 2021 drop off / pick up is Thursday, May 20 between 7:45 am - Noon.  
This event is designed to adhere to social distancing rules.  The goal is to collect and distribute items without the senior/parent exiting the car.  However, if there is a need, seniors/parents will be required to park and come in the main entrance to resolve outstanding issues.  Seniors/parents will need a face covering to enter the school building.  Issues  where seniors/parents need to come into the building will be MINIMIZED. 
Class of 2021 drop off / pick up will be located in the North Parking Lot next to the stadium.  Seniors/parents will enter the staff parking lot (west parking lot) off of Hawley Street and drive to the North Parking Lot.
Seniors/parents will be dropping off the following items:
  • Textbooks  (replacement cost)
  • Library books (replacement cost)
  • Classroom Library novels (replacement cost)
  • Chromebooks and chargers ($200 Chromebook, $28 charger)
  • Athletic uniforms and equipment  (replacement cost)
  • Band instruments  (replacement cost)
  • Band and Choir concert dresses and tuxes  (replacement cost)
  • Band and Choir music folder and music  (replacement cost)
  • Other school property 
    • cameras ($500)
    • Tripods ($10)
    • Other (replacement costs)  
The senior/parent will pick up the following items:
  • Cap, gown, tassels and alumni medal (if money is owed to Herff Jones for their cap, gown and tassels, only cash will be accepted to receive the items)
  • Senior edition of student newspaper
  • Senior Honors Ceremony Keepsake 
  • Graduation Ceremony Keepsake
  • Awards or honor certificates from MHS
Graduation Ceremony - Sunday, May 23
At this time, we plan to hold a graduation ceremony, within IDPH guidelines, on Sunday, May 23 at Mundelein High School.  We will have alternate plans for an inside event in the case of rain. 
At this time, MHS has been planning for different scenarios of how to hold graduation.  One of the options will be selected by May 1, 2021 so families may make plans.  MHS would like to maximize the opportunity of holding a graduation ceremony on campus, therefore, we will wait to make a decision on which way graduation will be held until May 1.  Click HERE to provide your feedback on characteristics of a graduation ceremony by completing the attached Graduation 2021 survey.
Details regarding graduation will be communicated to all families by May 1.

February 24, 2021


Dear MHS families,
As announced last week, MHS will be moving to a full day schedule beginning on March 1.  This transition moves MHS closer to pre-pandemic structures and addresses improvements in instructional time, staff access and student support.   This FAQ was developed to assist with answering questions regarding this transition. 
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

What will an 80 minute period look like for students and teachers?


Teachers will provide a minimum of 50 minutes of synchronous instruction during the class period and then allow time for students to complete an assignment or engage in a group task. Teachers may dismiss remote students if they have met the teachers’ expectations for classwork. While in-person students will not be able to leave the classroom, they will also be afforded some flexibility during the 80 minute class period. We will work to ensure consistency among teachers and their instructional time.

Do remote students need to have their cameras on during synchronous instruction? 

Student cameras must be on during class and students must be visible on camera. Teachers may request that students have their camera on for a whole class period, or just for specific parts of the instruction. 

A camera exemption will be offered to students who have extenuating circumstances, including families who want to maintain privacy within the home. It is expected that parents/guardians request this exemption for their student(s). To inquire about the camera exemption waiver process parents/guardians need to email or call the main office.

What do yellow schedule days look like? Are they a check-in and then time to work with some students or do all students have to stay on zoom the entire class period?

The expectations for Yellow day schedules will return to what we followed during full remote learning. All students will be required to join your Zoom at the start of class. The lesson should begin synchronously. Teachers will review the expectations for the upcoming days and then can choose to dismiss some students.This gives teachers an opportunity to work with small groups or individual students during the remainder of the class period. Teachers can also choose to keep all their students in a synchronous lesson.

In April, MHS will utilize Yellow day schedules during state testing.

How will lunch occur?  Are all students required to stay for the common lunch period?

MHS Juniors and Seniors have always been able to leave campus during free periods, lunch or study hall periods.  Since the hybrid started, Freshman and Sophomore students are able to leave with parent permission. 

Students staying at school for lunch will receive a box lunch from the cafeteria.  This box lunch is free to ALL students.  There will not be any other food sold during this time.  Students are also allowed to bring their own lunch from home if they would like.

Students will be allowed to choose a socially distanced seat in the cafeteria, main gym, auditorium or Media Center as needed. Space will likely be opened in that order.  

Students will be taking their masks off in order to eat lunch and they will remain in their seats during the entire lunch period.

Are students still allowed to leave during their lunch period, the common lunch period, study hall or free periods?

        Yes, this is still allowed.

Can passing periods be lengthened? 

Longer passing periods present social distancing issues. Students need to get to class so mitigations can be adhered to in the hallways and common areas.

How will MHS hold all the different athletic practices and competitions with only so many facilities?

MHS will work with other local middle schools and area facilities to give our student athletes an opportunity to participate in their sport. MHS will offer morning practice time slots and will be using Saturdays and some Sunday afternoons to accommodate all of the programs that we offer.

Fine Arts has developed a way of utilizing the after school time for ensemble practice for a larger group of musicians.  How will this change?  How will it be the same?

The Fine Arts department will be providing how ensemble practice will continue in a full day hybrid schedule.

What is the process if a student forgets his/her blue card?

In order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the entire school community, Mundelein High School has established a system for confirming that students are physically healthy upon entering the school building.  The Blue Card system was established and agreed to by parents in order for students to attend in-person instruction.  

Increasingly, there are students who have come to school without the required Blue Card.  This is a  reminder of the importance of following the Blue Card protocol for the safety of all individuals in our building. 


Why is this happening now? Will we have another change in schedule before the school year is over?
As we continue through this spring, MHS will continue working towards maximizing the educational opportunities and reclaiming as much as possible of what was lost from our school day due to the pandemic.  The norm should not be to remain in a situation that provides our students with less than we were able to provide prior to the pandemic.

February 18, 2021
MHS Families,
As we continually review the hybrid schedule, actions are being taken to maximize the learning opportunities for students.  MHS will continue to accept students who wish to return to in-person instruction as long as there is room.  There has been little conflict with a student returning.  At this time, all students who have requested in-person instruction have received it.  If there is interest for in-person instruction, please complete this survey: 
The second action MHS will be employing is maximizing the instructional time during the day.  To this end, MHS will move to a full day schedule starting March 1.  There are different options of what we could move to for a full day schedule but have decided to maintain the Red/Gray/Yellow schedule rather than reverting to a full 8 period day.  Much of the parent & staff survey feedback has indicated that an 8 period day would be more problematic.  Here are the characteristics and rationale for the schedule listed below:
  • Increased class time – weekly average class time is approaching pre-COVID weekly average instructional time (see comparisons below schedule).
  • Increased class time – offers more time for enrichment, remediation or catch up for students.  Office hour time is reduced but can be replaced with increased class time.
  • Yellow schedule remains remote but has a start time that matches the rest of the week – fixes consistency issues.
  • Maintaining Red/Gray schedule – less subjects for students to focus on for a particular day.
  • Common lunch – provides enough space in the school for lunch (students are still able to leave during lunch, free periods and study halls).  Warm box lunches will be served from the cafeteria at NO COST for ALL students.
Students will still be allowed to leave for the common lunch period, their scheduled lunch period, free periods and study halls.  Students who stay for lunch will be able to eat their own food or the free warm box lunch provided for no cost to all students – no registration required.  Students staying for lunch will be seated in either the cafeteria, main gym, media center or auditorium in a socially distant manner and under adult supervision.  Students will not be allowed to be in any other location of the school and must remain in the designated area for the entire lunch period.
This transition may add another dose of stress in another transition.  We believe MHS is ready for this transition of more class time.  It is clear, there are some hurdles to this transition as well but that the innovative thinking of our staff will transcend these barriers.  In addition, it is expected that this will likely be the last transition of its type this year without major changes from the Governor’s office or Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  We look forward to providing your student with the best educational opportunities.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School
MHS Hybrid Schedule

February 5, 2021 
Mundelein High School Parents and Potential Student Athletes, 
Mundelein High School recently received positive news in regard to all IHSA sports. Updates are happening on an almost daily basis. Just this week Region 9 (Lake and McHenry County) moved into Phase 4. The IHSA  and its Board of Directors recently set new timelines for all remaining IHSA sport seasons. The new sport start dates and COVID 19 guidance related to your specific sport is linked here IHSA COVID-19 Resources and Guidelines​. Newly adopted guidelines will allow all sports to hold competitions vs other schools. This is a recent change by the IDPH in their All Sports Policy. 
We have opened up registration for the sports listed below.  The registration link for spring and summer sports is linked here. ​MHS Athletic Home Page​. 
Spring Sports:​ Boys Soccer, Football, Girls Volleyball, Boys Gymnastics, Boys Water Polo, Girls Water Polo, Sideline Cheer, Sideline Dance (Poms) 
Summer Sports:​ Baseball, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Girls Soccer, Softball, Boys Tennis, Boys Track, Girls Track, Boys Volleyball, Wrestling. 
It is important to register for each sport that you are planning to participate in. To attend any contact days or to go out for the sport you will need to register for each individual sport. After you register, the Head Coach of your sport will be reaching out to you to share information regarding contact day opportunities, schedules for open gyms, open workouts and general information for the upcoming season. If you do not register you can not attend any of the open workouts or contact days or go out for the sport during the 2020-2021 school year.  
Information regarding all of our remaining sport seasons and the daily changes/updates will be linked on the MHS Athletic Home Page​. We will update changes to our season athletic schedules and guidelines as we receive them. 
We are closely monitoring our state’s situation and we will adjust our plans to ensure that we are in compliance with the recommendations from ISBE, IDPH, the Lake County Public Health Department, and the IHSA.  
All student athletes must have a ​current physical (within the last 395 days) on file​ in the nurse's office to be allowed to participate in a spring or summer sport. 
Go Mustangs! 
Troy Parola,
CMAA Athletic Director  

La traducción al español de esta carta a continuación


February 4, 2021

MHS Parents/Guardians,
In order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the entire school community, Mundelein High School has established a system for confirming that students are physically healthy upon entering the school building.  The Blue Card system was established and agreed to by parents in order for students to attend in-person instruction.  
Increasingly, there are students who have come to school without the required Blue Card.  This email serves as a reminder of the importance of following the Blue Care protocol for the safety of all individuals in our building. 
In addition, I have directed my staff to follow the safety protocol of not allowing students into the building if they do not have the Blue Card.  Students without a Blue Card upon arrival will be designated Remote Learning until a Blue Card is presented.
Please ensure that you have followed the protocol you agreed to follow in January (see 1/15/2021 email from Jamie DiCarlo, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services).
Please contact me with any questions.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

Padres / Tutores de MHS:
Con el fin de mantener un ambiente saludable y seguro para toda la comunidad escolar, Mundelein High School ha establecido un sistema para confirmar que los estudiantes están físicamente saludables al ingresar al edificio escolar. El sistema de Tarjeta Azul fue establecido y acordado por los padres para que los estudiantes asistieran  la instrucción en persona.  
Cada vez hay más estudiantes que han venido a la escuela sin la tarjeta azul requerida. Este correo electrónico sirve como recordatorio de la importancia de seguir el protocolo Blue Care para la seguridad de todas las personas en nuestro edificio. 
Además, he ordenado a mi personal que siga el protocolo de seguridad de no permitir que los estudiantes ingresen al edificio si no tienen la Tarjeta Azul. Los estudiantes sin una tarjeta azul a su llegada serán designados como aprendizaje remoto hasta que se presente una tarjeta azul.
Asegúrese de haber seguido el protocolo que acordó seguir en enero (consulte el correo electrónico del 15/1/2021 de Jamie DiCarlo, asistente del superintendente de servicios estudiantiles).
Por favor, póngase en contacto conmigo con cualquier pregunta.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Director de
la escuela secundaria Mundelein

Este mensaje se repetirá en español

February, 3, 2021

Dear MHS Parents and Guardians,

You are receiving this email because your child is currently enrolled as a remote learning student.  On January 25, Mundelein High School started in-person instruction with a hybrid schedule.  After review, we have determined that there is availability for more remote students to make the switch to in-person instruction in the hybrid schedule.

If you are interested in your child attending classes in-person, please complete the parent survey here: 



By completing the survey, parents are indicating their willingness to have their child attend school in-person.

  • Completing the survey does NOT guarantee a spot in the hybrid schedule.  Completing the survey communicates your willingness to attend in-person.
  • Hybrid vacancies will be filled by lottery and feasibility (there is physical room in the student’s classes).
  • Parents and students will be notified if they have or have not been accepted into the hybrid schedule.
  • If the survey is not completed, the student will remain on a remote schedule.
  • This may be offered again later in the spring as MHS continues to maximize the number of students it can serve in a hybrid schedule.

MHS will begin filling vacancies starting on Monday, February 8.  As this is a process, advanced notification will be sent to parents and students of availability and start date.

If you have any questions, please call Peggy Billittier at 847-949-2200 ext 1230.



Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal

Mundelein High School


3 de febrero de 2021

Estimados padres y guardianes de MHS:

Recibieron este correo electrónico porque su hijo está actualmente inscrito como estudiante de aprendizaje remoto. El 25 de enero, Mundelein High School comenzó la instrucción en persona con un horario híbrido. Después de la revisión, hemos determinado que hay disponibilidad para que los estudiantes que están en aprendizaje remoto hagan el cambio a la instrucción en persona.

Si está interesado en que su hijo asista a clases en persona, complete la encuesta para padres aquí: 



Al completar la encuesta, los padres están indicando su voluntad de que su hijo asista a la escuela en persona.

  • Completar la encuesta NO garantiza un lugar en el horario híbrido. Completar la encuesta comunica su voluntad de asistir en persona.
  • Las vacantes híbridas se cubrirán por medio de un sistema de lotería y factibilidad (hay espacio físico en las clases del estudiante).
  • Se notificará a los padres y estudiantes si han sido aceptados o no en el horario híbrido.
  • Si no se completa la encuesta, el estudiante permanecerá en un horario remoto.
  • Esto se puede ofrecer nuevamente más adelante en la primavera, ya que MHS continúa maximizando la cantidad de estudiantes que puede atender en un horario híbrido.

MHS comenzará a llenar las vacantes a partir del lunes 8 de febrero. Como este es un proceso, se enviará una notificación a los padres y estudiantes sobre la disponibilidad y la fecha de inicio.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor llame a Peggy Billittier al 847-949-2200 ext 1230.



Dr. Anthony Kroll, Director

Mundelein High School

Dear MHS Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Students, 
It was a great week welcoming students back into our building.  Thank you to all the students for following proper safety protocols to help make this transition safe and smooth.   As we prepare for our second week, I would like to provide some important information and reminders.  
All families must communicate any COVID-like symptoms, any contact with confirmed or probable COVID cases, and any confirmed COVID cases in your household to our attendance line.  In order to continue to make school as safe as possible, it is critical this information be shared so we can enact exclusionary protocols from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Failure to communicate puts staff, students and other members of the school community at-risk of potential exposure to COVID-19.  Please contact the attendance line at 847-949-2200 ext. 1999 (English) or 847-949-2200 ext. 1998 (Spanish) to communicate illnesses.  
MHS needs all families of students who participate in hybrid learning to self-certify their student(s) before arrival at school.  To safely come to school, students must not have:
  • A fever, 100.4 or higher (current or within 24 hours)
  • A Diagnosis of COVID-19 (and are still symptomatic or within a 10-day quarantine time period)
  • Been in close contact (6 feet for 15 or more minutes with a 24 hour period) of a positive COVID individual (and are still within the 14-day quarantine time frame)
  • Any COVID-19 symptoms (cough, diarrhea, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, fatigue, muscle or body aches, fever or chills, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, headache, new loss of taste or smell, nausea or vomiting)
  • A household member with COVID-like symptoms
If the student has been self-certified and is able to attend school, they MUST have their blue card to get onto the bus and to enter the school building.  
Please note that our district is implementing the following safety measures to ensure the safety of our entire school community: 
  • In any case where MHS becomes aware that a student was sent to school after being exposed to a confirmed or suspected/probable COVID case (e.g., a parent or sibling is awaiting test results), may result in the family losing the opportunity for its student(s) to participate in hybrid in-person learning for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  
  • In any case where MHS becomes aware that a student was sent to school when there were other symptomatic persons in the household (e.g., a sibling was experiencing symptoms), the District will enact exclusionary protocols for the entire family upon receipt of knowledge of the symptomatic situation.  
  • During an exclusionary time period, your student(s) will have access to their learning via a remote learning setting.  
This is a collective effort and we appreciate your help making this transition into hybrid learning safe for all of us.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal                 Meghan Bargar, Dean of Student
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School District 120

January 26, 2021


Mundelein Winter Basketball Parents and Student Athletes,

We are writing to all parents and student athletes that registered for our boys and girls basketball tryouts. Before the winter sports season started basketball was listed as a “high” risk sport by the IDPH. MHS did  not conduct tryouts when winter sports began due to the uncertainty 
surrounding basketball. Less than a week after starting winter sports the state of Illinois went on a pause. I am happy to inform you that the pause has been lifted and the IDPH updated phase 4 guidance on “high” risk sports on Friday January 22nd. This change allows high risk sports to 
conduct contests against other programs in our conference  and Covid region (9) when we move into Phase 4. This is the next step that we will move in the  progression. As long as our region metrics continue to improve we anticipate that we will be in Phase 4 very soon.Lake County and McHenry County, (Region 9), moved to Tier 1 today, which is great news. Tier 1 allows high risk sports to conduct practices and intra team scrimmages. We are going to follow all protocols and mitigations. We will have the same check in procedure and process in place from the time we went on pause. If you registered for basketball you will hear from your coaches within the next 24 hours about tryouts and practice times. We anticipate the IHSA to come out with a press release tomorrow detailing basketball start and end dates. Please be prepared to participate in in person practice (tryouts) very soon. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are possible for practice times. Please be looking for communication from your sport/level head coach soon, many of you may have already heard from your head coach as they have been doing a great job of communicating. As a reminder the IHSA guidance for sports competing this winter is linked here I HSA COVID-19 Resources and Guidelines. We are closely monitoring our state and region situation and we will adjust our plans to ensure that we are in compliance with the recommendations from ISBE, IDPH, the Lake County Public Health Department, and the IHSA.

Information regarding winter sports and changes/updates will be linked on the MHS Athletic Home Page. We will update changes to our season athletic schedules and guidelines as they are developed. All student athletes must have a current physical (within the last 395 days) on file in 
the nurse's office to continue participating in a Winter sport.
Go Mustangs!

Troy Parola, CMAA
Athletic Director

January 22, 2021
Dear Parents/Guardians of MHS students,
It has come to my attention that families have received the Blue Card (necessary for accessing the school building during the hybrid schedule) and new student ID card for some students but not all students. 
A second mailing will be going out today to correct this issue. 
In addition, the Blue Card requirement to gain access to the school bus or to enter the high school building will be lifted for Monday, January 25
Tuesday, January 26 is a Yellow schedule where all students are remote – there is not Blue Card requirement for Tuesday.
Wednesday, January 27 and onward, the Blue Card requirement will be in place for student to access the bus or building.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Anthony Kroll

January 22, 2021

Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2025:
Last night, the broadcast for the Class of 2025 Curriculum Night was aired.  The link for the presentation is below for your convenience.  
Remember, all families have two outstanding tasks to complete:
  1. Course selection on January 28 - presentation link to be sent next week.
  2. Register for school beginning on February 1 @ 
Topic: Health and Proactive Measures for Families - English Presentation
Date: Jan 20, 2021, 06:03 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Health and Proactive Measures for Families - Spanish Presentation
Date: Jan 21, 2021, 06:10 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Please call 847-949-2200 EXT 1230 with any questions.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School
January 21, 2021
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This letter is to provide you with additional information as you and your child prepare to attend in-person instruction next week.  
Instructional Videos
The following videos have been created to inform students on particular hybrid procedures while in the building.  Students and parents are encouraged to review these videos and contact the school with any questions.
Each video has Spanish subtitles.  To access the subtitles, click on the “CC” in the YouTube video menu bar.
Student Parking
Please note that NO parking permit is needed for students wishing to drive to in-person instruction.  There is not a cost to student parking this semester.  However, students must provide vehicle information to security (Make, Model, Color, and Registration Information).  All parking rules and regulations need to be followed in the Student Handbook.  Student parking is designated to the junior and senior parking lots only.  Students may not park in the pool, west or north parking lots.
The link to register can be accessed at > Students > On-Campus Parking & Security > HYBRID STUDENT DRIVING FORM  -  “Click” fill out all questions.
Drinks and Food
Students may bring a water bottle.  Bottle fillers are operational in the building.  Drinking fountains are not operational.  
Food is not allowed in the building during in-person instruction.  
Lockers and locker rooms will not be used during in-person instruction.  Students will not change clothes for Physical Education classes.
Leaving the Building
Juniors and Seniors are able to leave the school when not in class.  During 2nd semester this school year, parents may give permission for their freshman and sophomore students to leave campus when not in class.  Parents/Guardians may have already done this when choosing in-person learning.  Parents may call 847-949-2200  EXT 1230 to change this designation.
Bus transportation will only be available at the start and end of four periods of instruction.
Students will not be allowed to sit in cars in the school parking lot.

Thank you for your support in Mundelein High School’s work towards beginning in-person instruction.  At any time, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.  

Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

January 20, 2021 


Mundelein Winter Sport Parents and Student Athletes,

I am writing to all parents and student athletes that were part of our “low risk” winter sports teams. In late November we went on a pause. I am happy to inform you that the pause has been lifted for   the student athletes that made the following teams. 

Girls Sports: Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance, Bowling 

Boys Sports: Bowling, Swimming and Diving, Cheerleading 

Lake County and McHenry County, (Region 9), moved out of Tier 3 on Monday afternoon. Our region is now in Tier 2. The IHSA shared that we are allowed to begin our “low risk” winter sports practices again. We are going to follow all protocols and mitigations. We will have the same check in procedure and process in place from the time we went on pause. 

The student athletes will be hearing from their coaches within the next 24 hours about their practice times. Most of you will have your first in person practice tomorrow. Dance will not start up until Monday. Please be looking for communication from your sport/level head coach soon, many of you may have already heard from your coach.

As a reminder the IHSA guidance for sports competing this winter is linked here IHSA COVID-19 Resources and Guidelines. We are closely monitoring our state’s situation and we will adjust our plans to ensure that we are in compliance with the recommendations from ISBE, IDPH, the Lake County Public Health Department, and the IHSA. 

Information regarding winter sports and changes/updates will be linked on the MHS Athletic Home Page. We will update changes to our season athletic schedules and guidelines as they are developed. 

All student athletes must have a current physical (within the last 395 days) on file in the nurse's office to continue participating in a Winter sport. 

Go Mustangs!


Troy Parola

Athletic Director

Mundelein High School




Dear District Families,
We are thrilled to partner with you in preparation for the transition to hybrid learning.  In doing so, our school nursing staff and our facilities staff have been working to ensure comprehensive mitigation measures are in place.  In partnering with you as families, it will be critical to ensure we all share a common understanding of increased hygiene and handwashing expectations, social distancing and awareness of COVID symptoms and the procedures in place in response to these symptoms.
We are hosting Community Town Hall Meetings on the topic of: 
Health and Proactive Measures for Families
Live links for dates and times here: 
(Please note the passcode as well, if you are prompted upon entry to provide it.)
Passcode: 898931
Passcode: 844408

We have had the opportunity to receive regular consultation from Dr. Arie Friedman of PediaTrust.  He will host the webinar along with our nursing and facilities staff.
We look forward to seeing you at the webinar sessions.  If you can not attend the webinar, these will be recorded for later viewing on our district webpages.
On behalf of our administrative teams, thank you for your partnership.  If you have questions please contact me or your building principal.
Warm regards,

Jamie DiCarlo
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Districts 75 & 120
847.949.2200 x1414

January 14, 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2024 and Transfer Students,
At the D120 Board of Education this week, a date of Monday, January 25 was set for the start of the hybrid schedule and in-person instruction.  Since our freshmen class and transfer students have never had the opportunity to be in the building this school year, MHS is offering a shortened Freshman and New Student Orientation on Friday, January 22.
All freshmen and new students are invited to attend this event regardless if they are scheduled to come to the building during the hybrid schedule or continue learning remotely for the semester. 
This event is scheduled for 1 hour and will include a welcome, presentation on supports and expectations and a building tour to locate student classrooms.  There are multiple 1 hours sessions during the day to choose.
Students who wish to attend this event must register.  Registration opens at noon on Saturday, January 16.  Click HERE to register!  Students will be asked to select a particular time and group.  Groups are filled on a “first come, first served” basis.
When arriving at the building, students will be temperature checked and answer the COVID19 health questions.  Students must wear a mask and maintain a 6 ft social distance the entire time they are in the building.
It is my hope this event will jumpstart friendships, create new interests and excitement and start the second semester off in a positive direction.  Please encourage your student to register for this event.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

January 13, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians,
On Tuesday night, the District 120 Board of Education set a date for the beginning of hybrid learning.  Families who have chosen hybrid learning for their student will begin attending class in-person the week of January 25.  Therefore, MHS will transition to the hybrid schedule beginning on Monday, January 25.  Below, the January calendar shows the change from the remote schedule to the hybrid schedule.  Under the hybrid schedule, MHS will continue with Red/Gray days where hybrid students will attend in-person instruction and Yellow days where all students and staff are conducting class remotely.
All students and staff returning to the building are required to:
  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Maintain a 6 foot distance from others
  • Wash hands regularly during the day
  • Use blue card (students) to be allowed into the building
  • Stay home when not feeling well
Hybrid Schedule Student Group Assignments
For the families who chose the hybrid schedule, students are divided into two groups, Group 1 & Group 2.  Group 1 students will come to the building on Monday and Tuesday.  Group 2 students will come to the building on Thursday and Friday.
For the families who chose to continue with remote learning, students will continue to learn as they have been this year.  MHS teachers will be teaching concurrently the students attending in-person and remotely.

Student Group & Transportation Assignments 
Hybrid schedule group assignments and transportation details will be emailed by Tuesday, January 19.  Please call the Assistant Principal’s Office at 847-949-2200 EXT1260 with any questions about hybrid schedule group assignments.  
For transportation questions, please call the Deans’ Office at 847-949-2200 EXT1250.
Remote students will not receive this communication.
As MHS prepares to welcome students back to in-person instruction while maintaining quality virtual instruction for student learning remotely, I want to thank families for their patience in our transition.  Our goal will be to continue to provide the highest quality education at all times.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 847-949-2200 EXT1230.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

January 2, 2021



Mundelein High School Families,

Happy New Year!  As the second semester approaches, I would like to wish each of you a happy and healthy 2021!  It is with dedication and steadfast resolve that the D120 community will continue to shoulder the weight of educating our students during the pandemic.  As a school, we are continually thankful for the support and extra effort of our families and staff.   

This letter is to update families on details pertaining to the start of semester 2.  D120 buildings will reopen on Monday, January 4 at 7:30 am. 


Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal

Mundelein High School


First day of semester 2 student attendance

Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 5.  MHS will start semester 2 with the same remote learning bell schedule as semester 1.  

One week prior to the start of a hybrid bell schedule, families will receive communications from the high school with information regarding building entry, safety protocols and transportation information.  An official date for the start of the hybrid bell schedule is pending.

Semester 2 Textbook Distribution

Textbooks for students in Semester 2 one term classes will be available for pick up at MHS on the following dates and times:


Monday, January 4: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday, January 5: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm 


Please sign up for a time HERE


If a student cannot attend the distribution event, the student’s sibling or parent/guardian are allowed to pick up the textbooks but will need the student’s schedule. Please call Peggy Billittier (847) 949-2200 ext. 1230 with any questions. 


You must bring your schedule with you to ensure you receive the correct textbooks.


Please park in the West (Staff) Parking Lot and enter through Door 5 (Bus Entrance Door). You will be directed to the Textbook Room and then to exit through Door 7 (Tennis Court Door).


As cars pull up to the school building, only the person picking up textbooks will be allowed to exit the car and enter the school building.  Everyone entering the building must wear a mask and will complete a temperature check and COVID screening before entering the building.  

Course selection for current MHS students

Course selection for current MHS students will begin during the month of January.  MHS guidance counselors will provide information to each class of students via student email.  Parents or students who have questions about particular classes should reach out to their assigned counselor.

MHS Bookstore Hours

The MHS Bookstore is where parents or students may pay fees as needed.

The bookstore services are available each morning from 8 am – Noon @ the Annex.  In the afternoons, bookstore services are available from 1-3 pm @ the high school. 

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • January 4 – No Student Attendance - Teacher Institute
-Textbook drop off / pick up @ students enter through the Bus Entrance Doors by cafeteria.
-COVID-19 Testing from 8 am-4 pm @ MHS student parking lots – This is a State of Illinois event.
  • January 5 – 1st Day of Semester 2
  • January 18 – No School – Martin Luther King Birthday
  • January 21 - Class of 2025 Virtual Presentation
  • January 26 - PSAT/NMSQT

Parent Communication Letter: