Mundelein High School


October 15, 2021
Dear MHS Families,
There are two upcoming events at MHS for MHS families to be knowledgeable about.
First, on Tuesday, October 19th all MHS students will view a social-emotional presentation about Depression Awareness. The purpose of this presentation is to educate students about the signs, symptoms, and possible treatments for Depression. Students will also learn about additional resources and supports both in and out of school. The presentation, which consists of a video created and recorded by our school social workers and counselors, will be delivered by teachers following third period classes. It will also be emailed to all students who have study hall or a free period at that time. Because it is important that families have access to this critical information, links to the presentations will be shared in next week’s Principal’s Blog as well as via social media.
While this presentation is designed to inform and empower, we understand that the topic of Depression can trigger strong feelings or reactions. If you believe your student might need assistance during or after the presentation, please talk to your student in advance so they know what to expect and can seek assistance as needed. All students are able to reach out to their counselor, social worker, or school psychologist at any time by stopping into the office, emailing, or completing the Request for Social-Emotional Support form linked here:
If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s involvement in this presentation, please reach out to a member of your student’s support team or to Dr. Jessica Herrmann, Director of Student Services, at or 847-949-2200 x1420. Thank you for your support!
Finally, on Tuesday, October 26th, students and staff at Mundelein High School, in cooperation with the Mundelein Police Department, will participate in an ALICE intruder drill.  Each year, the State of Illinois requires school districts to conduct an intruder drill to prepare students and staff for an active threat that may occur on campus.  The October 26th drill will include information about the ALICE protocol, as well as several practice scenarios.  Each scenario will be delivered in the form of an overhead announcement and will be conducted within each classroom.  Students and staff will not be exiting their classrooms and will not be participating in active shooter simulations.  This exercise will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  More information about ALICE may be found at .
If you have any questions or if you would like your student to “opt-out,” of the exercise, please inform Mr. Paul Thatcher, Dean of Students,, prior to October 26th.  
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

October 13, 2021


On Thursday, October 21, MHS will not use a Late Start schedule but will rather be on an early release schedule with the school day ending at 12:20pm.  Parent Teacher conferences will be held in the afternoon.

There is no student attendance on Friday, October 22 due to Parent Teacher conferences.

October 1, 2021

Dear MHS Families,
I want to make you aware that users on the social media platform Tik Tok have been creating monthly harmful and unsafe ‘challenges’ for children and teens across the country.
Last month, I informed the school community about a Tik Tok challenge which asked students to destroy school bathrooms and other property.  MHS had several instances where bathrooms were vandalized.  Staff spent considerable time working to prevent these acts of destruction and identify the individuals responsible.
Currently, an October “challenge” encourages students to hit a teacher and then run away.  Users are asked to post their experience or video on Tik Tok.  While no students have engaged in this challenge, I do want to make parents aware.  If a student witnesses any harming behaviors, these instances should be reported to a MHS staff member immediately.   
Students and their families should know that if a student participates in this type of behavior, students will receive school consequences for their actions according to District 120 School Board Policy 7:190 and victims of these actions have the right to file a report with the Mundelein Police Department.
While we are all aware of the positive and negative effects that social media can have on our young student’s lives, this can be an opportunity for families to discuss the importance of internet safety, physical safety and mental health.
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

September 22, 2021

Mustang Nation,

I am writing to update you regarding the new ticketing platform we are using for our home athletic contests at Mundelein High School. Starting this Friday, September 24, 2021, we are going to begin offering the ability to purchase tickets for our home events through the ticket platform Go Fan. The IHSA has adopted “Go Fan” as the state series ticket selling online platform. 

We will have 2 options to purchase tickets for our Home Football Game on Friday night. There will still be a cash gate however our goal is to get everyone transitioned over to using the digital online ticketing system. In the near future this will be the only way to purchase a ticket. This is the same process all professional and collegiate organizations are moving to. 

On Friday we will have two separate lines of entry for those that have purchased tickets online and those that are purchasing tickets using cash.

We encourage you to use the following link to purchase tickets for our Homecoming Football Games on Friday night vs. Libertyville. Mundelein High School Ticket Link for the Homecoming Football Games vs Libertyville

Winter Sports Registration

Registration for Winter Sports will open on October 4, 2021 for anyone interested in participating in the following sports.  Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Co-Ed Wrestling, Co-Ed Cheerleading, Co-Ed Dance, Girls Gymnastics, Girls Bowling, Boys Bowling, Co-Ed Winterguard and Boys Swimming and Diving

MHS Registration for Winter sports will be available online starting on October 4, 2021 at All student-athletes (regardless of previous registration) are required to register for their Winter sport through this link prior to the first day of tryouts.

Information regarding winter sport tryout dates, times, and locations may be found after October 4, 2021 at  

All student athletes must have a current physical (within the last 395 days) on file in the nurse's office prior to participating in a winter sport. 

Go Mustangs!



Dear MHS Families,

In the past few days, MHS and schools nationwide have incurred a great deal of damage due to a Tik Tok challenge.  The destruction to our buidling has ben costly and impedes our ability to provide the appropriate services to students.  Please talk with you students about being watchful to any behaviors which would result in harm to individuals or to any part of the school.  Any behaviors which are harmful to people or property should be reported to security or the deans immediately.  Families will be financially responsible for the damage to school property and students will receive school discipline for their actions.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.


August 31, 2021  What to expect if your child is quarantined due to COVID 19

August 17, 2021 Open House Information English/Spanish

August 6, 2021
Dear MHS Families:
Everyone at MHS is excited and revving up for an exciting start to the new school year and transition back to in-person learning.  With school starting next week, I wanted to provide you with some reminders and updates on the start of the school year.  Feel free to print out the list below and place the list on refrigerators or family bulletin boards.  Feel free to send questions to
Please note that all students, staff and visitors to campus must wear a mask when indoors or closer than 3 ft social distance when outdoors.
  • August 9 
Student schedules will be emailed on this day including room numbers and teachers’ names.
New & Transfer Parent Night Meeting @ 6pm in MHS Auditorium:  Parents of Freshmen, Sophomores and transfer students are invited to view a presentation on the logistics of how MHS works.  Parents also have the opportunity to ask questions.  Students do not need to attend.
First day of Fall Athletics:  Fall sports officially begin.  Specific information for each registration is available on the MHS Athletic Website
  • August 10 
Freshman Orientation @ 7:45am:  All incoming freshmen are invited to school for a high-energy day of fun.  Freshmen will meet their junior/senior Link Leaders and participate in building tours and learning about MHS culture.  No books or school supplies are needed for this orientation--leave all that stuff at home.  If dropping off students, please drop off students at the entrance of the stadium.  Students should wear something cool and comfortable as they will be moving around.  Invitations have been sent home already.  If you have any questions, please contact .
Sophomore (Class of 2024) & Transfer Student Building Tours @ 1:00pm:  All sophomores are invited to come to MHS for a building tour by registering by clicking HERE.  Students should bring their class schedule.  
  • August 12 -- First Day of School & Welcome Back Assembly:  This is our official first day of school for all students.  We will begin our year with a Mustang Spirit Assembly outdoors in our stadium between 1st & 2nd periods.
  • August 13 -- MHS Activities & Athletics Fair:  We want all our students to get involved in our extracurricular activities and programs.  All MHS clubs, extracurricular programs and athletic teams will be represented at the fair to share what they do, answer questions and offer students the opportunity to sign-up.  Between 1st and 2nd periods, the entire school will attend this fair outside in our stadium.  The fair will also be open during the lunch periods and hot dogs will be served.  Students are able to bring their own lunches as well.
We look forward to seeing you soon!!!
Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal
Mundelein High School

 August 2, 2021


Dear MHS Parent/Guardian:

Mundelein High School District 120 will resume traditional in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year.  Although layered mitigation measures and enhanced safety protocols will be in place, we recognize students with certain severe underlying medical conditions may be better served participating in a remote learning program. 

If your student has a documented medical condition that precludes the student from participating in in-person instruction please contact Dr. Anthony Kroll, MHS Principal, with the name of the student and documentation from the student’s medical provider confirming the medical condition and recommendation for the student to be exempt from in-person learning and participate in the remote learning program offered by the district. 

A follow up communication to the parent/guardian will occur as a follow up to the request. 

The deadline for remote learning requests and supporting documentation is Tuesday, August 10.



Dr. Anthony Kroll, Principal

Mundelein High School


847-949-2200 ext 1230