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Sunday, May 02, 2021
All Day Event

Proposed School Time Change Webinar Replay

Passcode: N3*@aUNT

  • Jacob and Rockoff (2011) equate early school start times for adolescent students to have the same negative impact on performance as would a “highly ineffective teacher.” Link here.  


  • Heissel and Norris (2019) research the impact of start times in neighboring school districts under different time zones. Heissel and Norris admit that altering start times may seem like a big investment but it is worth the performance gains. These researchers also find that the onset of puberty (age 11 for girls and 13 for boys) is actually the best time to begin a later start, so an early start for middle school is not recommended.  Link here.


  • According to the research by Hanover Research (2013), as long as elementary-aged students are getting enough sleep (11-13 hours for pre-K and 10-11 hours for students 5 and older), early start time will not likely yield impact on school performance for elementary-aged students. It is recommended that students in middle school should also have later starts to improve attendance records, grades, and attention. Link here.