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Hawthorne Management Services presents scholarships to six MHS students

June 6, 2023 04:22 PM

Six deserving Mundelein High School students are on the brink of a brighter future, thanks to generous scholarships provided by Hawthorne Management Services (HMS).

HMS presented six scholarships to deserving students during the MHS Senior Honors Program on May 16. These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burden of pursuing higher education but also inspire the recipients to dream bigger and strive for excellence. Hawthorne Management has committed to provide these scholarships annually.

“The impact of these scholarships extends far beyond monetary assistance,” said HMS Property Manager Jonathan Rosales. “They serve as a catalyst for these students, providing them with the means to pursue their academic endeavors with unwavering determination. With the support of Hawthorne Management, these students can focus on their studies, unlocking their full potential and paving the way for a brighter future.”

It’s not the only way HMS has given back to the school community. Last fall, Hawthorne Management donated cutting-edge play clocks for MHS's stadium, enriching the athletic experience for student-athletes and spectators alike. HMS currently manages 125 apartments in the area along with the upcoming Morris Station in downtown Mundelein.

From left to right: Alaina Merkel (recipient), Matt Anderson (Hawthorne Management), Gladdie Greenfield (recipient), Tom Anderson (Hawthorne Management), Charlie Thomas (recipient), Adam Heddaoui (recipient), Matthew Franzen (recipient), Jonathan Rosales (Hawthorne Management), Fitz Anderson (Hawthorne Management). The 6th recipient, Diego Prado Brambila is not pictured.

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