Long-Term Plan

Long-Term Facilities Plan

Slide1The District 120 School Board adopted its revised long-term Facilities Plan on November 1, 2022, setting some priorities for future building improvements.

The District, with the help and the expertise of  architects from Wight & Company and engineers from Elara Engineering, completed an extensive evaluation of the integrity of the MHS campus infrastructure and programming needs. This evaluation shaped the Facilities Plan.

The plan is not a specific blueprint for building renovation, nor a contract, but a flexible plan that will evolve based on future choices. It is:

  • A recurring process utilized by the Board of Education and administration to prioritize facilities needs and ensure continuity of campus development

  • A recurring assessment of the campus physical condition by architects and engineers

  • A recurring evaluation of current and future program needs versus current campus physical resources. MHS sits on 46 acres, about half of what is typical for a high school this size.

  • A recurring process for testing assumptions for potential expansion needed to support programs. The Board continually considers: What size and types of spaces are needed; What can be remodeled and what needs to be constructed; What alternatives are available; What campus development will cost. 

The top priorities identified in the plan include:  increased multi-purpose space throughout; expanded cafeteria space; expanded performing arts spaces; expanded physical education/athletic spaces; enhanced/expanded spaces for Career Training;  consideration of mental health and wellness; and improved building systems and infrastructure.