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Homecoming 2024 is September 27, 2024.

mundelein 60th anniversary

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Mundelein High School students in the National Honor Society will host alumni tours at 10 a.m., on Saturday, September 27, 2023. Please complete this form if you are interested in participating.


Mustangs_Logo   2024 Class Reunions


Barb Hertel Swanson

Year Reunion - Class of 1963 

Barbara Marx Warner 

Dan Stewart

Year Reunion - Class of 1968

Laurel Schultheis Karolczek

Year Reunion - Class of 1969 

Janis Deets Nowak

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Class of 1969 55th Reunion • SAVE the DATE • September 27-29, 2024


Year Reunion - Class of 1973

Barb Hertel Swanson

Year Reunion - Class of 1978

Denise Rankin Sawyer

Year Reunion - Class of 1983

Cheryl Clark McDermott
Pat Redker Fredsbo

Year Reunion - Class of 1988

Robynn Rees Bryant

Year Reunion - Class of 1993

Shannon Lawrence
Kaelyn Harrington Abrell

Year Reunion - Class of 1998

Year Reunion - Class of 2003

Stacy (Plucinski) Obispo or Mary Cate (Baker) Pelser at 

Year Reunion - Class of 2008

Year Reunion - Class of 2013