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MHS student forming new club, Girls Who Code

Photo of Kajal Patel

The world of computer coding is widely male dominated but that isn’t stopping a Mundelein High School student from wanting to break into that field and have others join her as well.

Kajal Patel, an MHS junior, has begun the formal process of having a Girls Who Code club at the high school. It is a process involving many criteria, set rules, a “pilot” year and at least 15 solid members.

“I got the idea to start a Girls Who Code chapter after hearing about their summer program,” Patel explained. “I’m the only girl in the school coding club, Byte Club, and I knew there was a chance that there are girls at MHS who are interested in coding but needed a more comfortable environment to learn in. I pitched the idea to Priyank Srivastava, the Byte Club advisor, and he was immediately on board,” she said.

Coding refers to creating computer programming code as in assigning a code or classification to something. It is the main avenue for allowing intercommunication between humans and machines. With the beginning of the computer and Internet development programmers produced code in modules that corresponded to individual computing functions. This led to the development of individual software applications.

“During our first year we’ll be setting different paths for girls of different skill levels where they can learn to code starting from the basics, if needed,” Patel explained. She went on to say that members will have the chance to talk to women in the STEM field about their overall experiences.

“This is a great opportunity for girls and non-binary students of all backgrounds to come together, code and connect in a safe space,” Patel said.

Once the pilot year is completed for at least one season and maintains a membership of at least 15, the club may be “sanctioned” as an official MHS club. To maintain that designation, the club must have set activities, practices and/or competitions and must have a set meeting structure, including student attendance roster and meeting minutes. In addition, a sponsor must be approved by the assistant principal of student services, have elected student leaders and maintain a club website. 

For more information or to sign up, contact Patel at  

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