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Parents: Message about working with your children during the school closing



Dr. Jessica Herrmann, Systems of Support Coordinator


In this time of change and uncertainty, it is common for all of us to feel some anxiety, fear, frustration, and confusion. In these times, it is important to remember that children, even teenagers, look to adults for guidance on how to react and cope during stressful events. Please do your best to reassure students that health and school officials are working hard to ensure that people throughout our country stay healthy and safe.


Though our daily lives are disrupted in many ways right now, there remains a great deal within our control. Encourage students to focus on what they can do to keep themselves healthy: get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise! In addition, be sure to take our health officials’ recommendations seriously. Stay home as much as possible, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. 


While we take these efforts to take care of ourselves physically, we all need to be diligent about taking care of our mental health as well. Encourage your children to do things that help them relax, such as deep breathing, stretching, meditating, journaling, reading, exercising, or listening to music. In addition, encourage them to stay connected to friends and family and people who care about them. Though we cannot connect in person as much as we would like, we can stay connected virtually. 


The overall health and wellbeing of our students and families is of utmost importance. As part of our commitment to wellbeing, Mundelein High School is sharing the resources listed below. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we navigate these challenging times together.


Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks 


Care for your Coronavirus Anxiety


Talking with Children about COVID-19: A Parent Resource (PDF)


Managing Stress and Anxiety around COVID-19


NAMI COVID-19 Tips and Resources

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