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Special Health Concerns - FAQs

Information_Icon_3Special Health Concerns and FAQs

Concussion Protocol

Special Health Concerns - Instructions

  • Fill out the appropriate Individualized Health Plan form Medical Forms
    and submit to the school nurse
  • Note information you would like to be shared with your child’s educational team
  • Contact the school nurse about any other kind of chronic health condition for which school accommodations are needed

Doctor's Note Needed Annually

Provide an updated doctor’s note at the start of each school year with an updated medical diagnosis and recommendations of any special accommodations needed for school learning and/or physical activity participation.

Procedure When Feeling Sick During the School Day

  • Students should go to the nursing office with a pass from the class they will be missing
  • The student’s health complaint will be assessed
  • Rest may be offered
  • The nurse will contact the guardian if arrangements are needed for the student to go home
  • If a guardian gets a text or a call from their student regarding a health concern, please redirect them to the school nurse for a health assessment. One of the nurses will contact you if necessary. Guardians may always contact the nurse at extension 1395. The student will not be permitted an excused dismissal without following this process.

Common Health Concerns


  • It is highly recommended that your child be fever free for 24 hours without having received medicine (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) before returning to school

“Pink Eye” or Conjunctivitis

  • Students with conjunctivitis are not mandated to stay home. The student may have sensitivity to bright light, swollen eyelids, eye discomfort and/or discharge and find it more comfortable to stay at home.
  • A warm compress or lubrication eye drops may provide comfort.  Viral conjunctivitis usually clears on its own with no treatment. Other kinds of conjunctivitis may need prescribed eye treatments.
  • Discard eye make-up that was used when conjunctivitis was present.

Difficulties with Menstrual Cramps

  • Students often gain relief from menstrual cramps by using a heating pad which is available for use in the nurse’s office
  • A student’s healthcare provider can prescribe medication for cramps (non-prescription or prescription) to be kept in the nursing office
  • In order to administer medication, the student must submit the School Medication Authorization Form
  • The guardian must supply the medication. Students should not be carrying medication in school.


Use of Crutches

  • Upon return to school, the student should report to the nurse’s office
  • Students will receive a pass to leave class 5 minutes early
  • If needed, an elevator key will be issued to a the student 
    • The key(s) must then be returned to security. A $25 fee will be applied to the student's account if the key is not returned.

Doctor Excuse from PE

  • Any doctor’s note regarding physical education should be submitted to the school nurse
  • The physical education teacher, counselor, and coach will be informed by the nurse of the start and stop date of the waiver